Tarot August 2019

Pellentesque erat arcu

Regret is a useless emotion if you keep prolonging it .Regret comes from feeling bad about something that you did or did not do. It is better to learn from the mistakes and put effort to undo what you can and learn to not make that mistake again in the future

Aries: There are issues which really cannot be resolved no matter what you do .It I s futile to keep attempting to make it better. The message is to move away from a toxic situation that is a big drain on your energy. You need to take care of yourself. It will resolve itself if and when the time is right. Currently it is advised for you to let go and move on. If need be, take a break and go for a short holiday to rejuvenate yourself.

Taurus: You will be called upon to take an important decision. Though you may be intimidated by the enormity of the responsibility, have the faith and courage to be fair and take the lead in the interest of everyone. You do like challenges and have faith in your instincts to see you through this. Be flexible and be receptive to different points of view when considering the solution to the situation.

Gemini: It is an intensively spiritual time for you. You will notice synchronicity everywhere, like seeing same numbers everywhere etc. Pay special attention to the messages you may get in the form of a song or a sentence from an article you might be reading. These are messages from the universe and are pertinent to the situation you are currently facing. Rely also on your feelings and gut instinct. Spend more time in meditation and contemplation.

Cancer: You know that you have the resources to make a difference in the current situation. But it is advised that this is not the time for you to resolve the matter. Sometimes you have to step back so that others can grow. You have to choose your battles and this one is definitely not yours to fight. Step in only if you are specifically asked to so.

Leo: In spite of being an inherently strong person, you seem to be on an emotional roller coaster. You have attached too may hopes and expectations and tend to get too sensitive about even minor things. This is very uncharacteristic of you and the people around you do not know what to make of it. It is suggested that have realistic and practical goals and let go of the attachment to the outcome.

Virgo: You will be pulled in many directions and may feel overwhelmed with the things demanding your attention. Though you are good at multi tasking, this time it may be a bit too much for you. Make a choice where your head and heart are aligned and choose the path that leads you to your heart’s desire. Once you have made your choice, follow through with it totally and completely without looking back.

Libra: This month is about mutual bonding and support .It is about solidifying relationships whether personal, friendly or professional. It is about giving and lending a hand to someone outside your call of duty. Do not hesitate to reach out to the people who you can depend upon in times of need. Relationships are the true assets of life and it will do well to nourish and sustain them with your time and attention.

Scorpio: This is the time to observe the situation carefully, evaluate it and then objectively decide on how to move ahead. This is not the time for emotional drama and a logical perspective is what is required.  Communicate in a thorough and clear manner and do not succumb to societal / peer pressures. Carefully think out all aspects and stand by what you believe to be right.

Sagittarius: Change is the flavour of the month and vey often it is unsettling. But if you aware that change is imminent, then you can be better prepared to handle it. Keep a very sharp eye on what is going around so that you do not encounter any shockers. Think how can you convert this situation into an opportunity so that you can overcome it with flying colours.

Capricorn: A previous situation where you might have felt stuck, will resolve itself. You need to have a change in perspective to get out of this quickly. Take advantage of the fact that something had moved to change the situation and think of various options that could be available to you to help you move quickly. Self criticism will be more harmful instead try self appreciation; It will make a world of difference.

Aquarius: The beginning of something new comes with the end of the previous and old. You will meet new people in your life who will further you and support you in many ways. Somebody from your past may reconnect with you and it is suggested that you need to forgive and restore the relationship. Make a fresh start emotionally. Communicate your feelings and let healing happen to move ahead in life.

Pisces: You need to pay attention to your body. You have been moving at a fast pace and there might already be indications that you need to slow down. Take time off from the stressful routines and spend more time with young adults or children to infuse a burst of enthusiasm in your life. Message that childhood friend you have lost touch with

(Sapna Shahri is an acclaimed Tarot card reader having clients all over the world. She not only gives consultations but also teaches the Tarot, encouraging people to use this medium to seek guidance in their daily lives. She can be contacted at Tel: 8879617735)