Fines implemented on No Parking Zones in Chandivali

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ver the last three weeks ever since the authorities started levying heavy fines on illegal parking near public parking lots (PPLs), the MCGM has decided to mark no-parking zones on several arterial roads. While the final list of roads is yet to be decided in consultation with the traffic police, civic officials and public. Chandivali Farm Road in Powai has numerous signboards already up warning public about the new rulings.

Many Powaities welcome the new rulings and say that strong implementation of the fines will give way to the pedestrians.

Voice's Nitin Chhugani resident of Powai appreciatively,"A long pending relief to the roads have come with the implementation of the new rule. We welcome the implementation and hopefully it will be strictly conducted.

With every year new cars rolling out, the volume of cars were increasing while the roads were shrinking due to no parking abandoned or wrong parking. A busy city like Mumbai needs intense planning. "

Continues Nitin Chhugani, “Secondly picking up abandoned vehicles and transferring them to junk and scrap yards, will create more empty lands to be converted to parking lot.
Assigning plying rules for heavy vehicles, will easen the city traffic. Places like Kherani road, needs to have a lot of parking place, it just needs to be realigned to create space. With costs and everything soaring, we must consider commute cost for a common man. It's a great long pending  initiative by BMC which should be applauded.”

Atl east residential area's will see free flowing traffic. Many locations prone to congestion will give space to civic workers to clean the area's too. This will also inturn help speedy movement of emergency vehicles like ambulances and fire engines, school buses and cars.
Most importantly it will give the common man his due respect, to walk freely on the roads making his simple commuting dignified.

(Elsie Gabriel is an award winning post graduate certified Green Teacher and Environmental Law expert. With twenty years of writing experience she has travelled to remote corners of the earth researching, photographing, documenting facts that bind the threads of anthropological wonder. Powai runs in her veins)