Back to School for Teachers of Powai English School

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Teachers play a very important role in each one of our lives, they have a major responsibility to nurture Kids for their future. Today in this 21st Century as Educators, it’s not an easy task to handle smart kids.

The challenges as a Teacher and Principal are increasing, with the scope to focus on changing curriculum, on new innovative ideas for kids to inculcate good habits with a liking towards studies. Also the focus always remains towards overall growth of kids hence sports , other co-curricular activities needs to be balanced to cope with the growing competition.

On the other hand , Students themselves are facing anxiety , stress, exam fear , Competitive pressure. Educators also need to answer the queries of the parents and tackle with the day to day situations. Educators have a challenge to keep a pace with such fast-changing environment.
Considering all these challenges, to find an appropriate solution and to blend it with innovative mind technique ,to make Teachers Stress free, this time honourable Principal of Powai English School Mrs. Shirley Mam took an initiative to arrange a “Special - Back to School “ Seminar on 15 June 2019 for around 70Teachers and Staff members of the school. Powai English School has recently completed Grand 40 years, the school has earned many awards and grabbed many prizes in competitions.

The Seminar started at 8 in morning with fresh mindset. A transformational Seminar on Mind Power was conducted by team of Subconscious Synergies Mr. Naresh Rangwani and Ms. Rashmi Tamboli (Certified Coaches). The Coaches themselves have a great Corporate experience of 25 yrs and 15 yrs respectively.  Subconscious Synergies has its mission to empower Teachers, Students and Parents to perform with peak potential. This was a highly informative and practical Seminar which takes the participants through a journey of understanding the Human Mind and its unlimited human potential and learning, how to scientifically tap into potential for Personal and Students Growth and success.

The Seminar opened a new gate of mind power for Teachers and Staff members to change their prospective& help them feel Stress Free. They learned a cutting edge of Mind tools and technology to achieve any Goals in life. Through various activities, they learned the Power of our mind, which will help them to come up with creative solutions to resolve any day to day problem. It also touched Health and relationship existing mind programming (blueprints) and need for its modification for better relationships and Healthy Life.

The Seminar also touched the current issue of Children regarding their Self-esteem and how it affects their Future and Life too. It was a power packed Seminar for Educators for personal growth as well as brain teaser regarding Students grooming for Happy and Better Life .

The attendee Educators were really Thankful to her, for taking an initiative to arrange such a wonderful session and were grateful for the received information.
We truly appreciate the efforts of Principal Shirley Mam, Lata Mam & Bhavana Mam for the initiative taken to Start the schooling of this year with information to ponder upon for Teachers to manage themselves personally as well as these smart Kids of 21st Century and Surely help for upliftment of School to Next level.

This really illustrates her love for the Students, towards staff members and at same time her responsibility as a true Leader.