Local News April 2019


JKIP- Tenth Session

The gloom cast its long shadow on February 19th, in the Hindi literature world with the demise of Dr Namvar Singh “the most popular Hindi Critic”. In the tenth JKIP, dedicated to his memory, Dr. Ruchi quoted from an obituary published in The Indian Express, “what was this era that ended with Namvar Singh? An era of ‘creative criticism’”. 

Neerja Kumari (Powai) narrated the highlights of Dr Singh’s life, “a believer in the power of the spoken word”, credited for kindling awareness about Hindi literature among those who are away from the written word. 

In her poetic tribute to Dr. Singh, the special girl form Powai, Moushmi appreciated him for finally choosing to serve literature over politics.  

The acknowledged, yet un-pretentious Hindi poet Gulshan Madaan (from Kandivali) remembered Dr Singh’s deep love for books “hua hai mujhpe itna asar kitaabon kaa ki apne ghar mein banaaya hai ghar kitaabon ka”. Madaan’s verses reflect the contemporary poet’s dilemma, “bachpan bhaari baste laade ghoom raha hai tuition pur, main bacchon kee shokh sharararat dhoondh raha hoon google mein; duniya kee shaklo-soorat dhoondh raha hoon google mein, kya hai insaanon kee fitrat dhoondh raha hoon google mein”.

Pleading everyone for a “man manthan” like the mythical samudra manthan, Promila Shukla advised to follow the path of Buddha and Nanak for upliftment of the society. Audience seemed to not have enough of the young and promising poet Poonam Khatri(from Kalyan), “tumse to ek hi sambhalta nahin, mujhe rishte nibhaane aur bhee hain”.

The urdu pedagogue Farrukh Rehmaan(from Jogeshwari) lamented,“dil ke maaron se dillagi chahe, maut kiston mein zindagi chahe’, ’teri duniya mein jee rahen hain hum, too bhala aur kya saza dega’.  His translation of tough urdu into hindi made audience appreciate the nuances of his poetry.

Dr. Shailja M Bhattad (from Nahar), ex- HOD Dept.of Chemistry, Garden City College Bengaluru, a keen observer of society, touched the audience with her hard hitting thoughts, “hur shaadi pur ghar mein deevar uthne lagee, kamre ka aakaar ghattaa gaya, aur dukhon ka saaya badhta gaya”. 

In the palanquin of “manzar kashi” in the nazms “raat rani”, “gulmohar”,  delivered in the Khusoosi Andaze Bayan (very special way of recitation) by the veteran Urdu poet Jawed Nadeem (from Panvel) the audience discovered the delicacy of the pristine urdu language.

Next forum Saturday, April 6 at 5:45 pm, same place in Raheja Vihar, Powai. For address details contact Hempushpak Arora , organsier (#9892618127)


Not just another stray incident…


Mon, 18th March, 0650 am. Raheja Vihar, near the RV Sales office. 
I was just concluding my brief morning walk, before joining my yoga class scheduled at home at 0700. As I walked downhill, a pack of stray dogs that frequent the area decided to have a go at one of their pack. While I attempted to steer clear of the melee that suddenly erupted, the stray that was being targeted by the others lunged out at my leg. Before I could gather my senses, my tights were shredded around the right calf and a gash had opened up on my right leg. The bite mark was a deep one, and it was bleeding badly. What was amazing to me was how quickly the whole episode had unfolded. Perhaps 5 – 10 seconds, in all??! The pack scattered soon afterwards.

What followed then was a predictable story. Gathering one’s wits and managing the shock of it all, quick change and a ride to the hospital with my husband - which followed detailed protocols, since the skin had been broken in the bite. Six injections were needed immediately, of which four injections were around the wound area. (Another three shots will follow in the weeks to come), and an incredibly hefty medical bill to boot!

This incident has understandably left me shaken and reflective. And worried. For all of us that live in Raheja Vihar. 

I have always been a dog lover (and continue to be one), and have even raised a family dog through my childhood. My family had I have been residents of this wonderful complex for 18 years now. The main reason for my concern is how much risk we run, with the ever-increasing strays that inhabit the complex. Most of the Bombay Scottish school kids take the same route, walking to school. Our co-residents, including scores of senior citizens, take their morning and evening walks along this path too. 

There has to be a better way for animal lovers in the complex to shelter and feed these strays, and also ensure they are neutered and get their medical shots, than the current system. Soon after my incident, I was informed by a friend that another person known to him was recently bitten by a stray in the same area, near the RV Sales Office.

Maybe it was the same stray, or maybe it wasn’t. That’s a matter of detail. What should be more important is that our personal safety and that of our children, require as much if not more priority than humane feeding of stray dogs, letting them loose thereafter, and hoping for the best!!!

- An aggrieved resident,
Paradise, Raheja Vihar


Powai Based ‘Birthday Havan’ completes 3 Years on eve of Maha Shivratri

Powai based website www. Birthday completed 3 years of community Birthday Havan on the eve of Maha Shivratri. It had introduced an Birthday concept in Mumbai of celebrating Birthday’s the Traditional way, by organising community ‘Birthday Havan’. One can register one's Children and all family members' Birthday online. This 'Birthday Havan' is done on first Sunday  of ones Birthday month. There are no charges or fee for this Birthday Havan. Its open for all ages.

This was launched on the auspicious day of Maha Shivratri in 2016 with the tag line “ Celebrate your Childrens Birthday with Ganesh  Krishna and Hanuman “ which was a hit and hundreds registered  for this free birthday havan. This Birthday Havan has completed 3 years in Powai Mumbai. The concept was also blessed by His Holiness Jagadguru Sankaracharya of Dakshinamnaya Sringeri Sharada Peetam, Sri Sri Vidusekhara Bharati Sannidhanam who graced the occasion of Community Birthday Havan at Sri Brahamandeshwar Mahadev Temple, Mulund, on 6th January 2019.

Birthday Havan was celebrated at Sri Aayyappa Vishnu Temple, Hiranandani  Powai Temple today morning.  After initial registration, with Hanuman chalisa tunes in the background children gathered at this  Powai Temple, this was followed by the Birthday Havan at the main Havan-Kund with  lighting of the yagna with holy fire and reciting of Vedic mantras.   

25 families with siblings and Grand Parents participated for March month birthday celebration at this Powai Temple.  People from many places of Mumbai to Kalyan participated in today’s celebration.

Small children from toddlers in mothers arms to kids looked at the Holy fire trying to understand the Vedic mantras being recited  for their long and healthy life. Some of the kids were also restless and trying to discover new things in this new surrounding with mothers catching and pulling them back.

The Birthday Havan started by  invoking Lord Ganesha and Kul Devi and later concluded with poornahooti.

After the poornahooti the Panditji adorned the foreheads of all Birthday Children  with vibhooti from the Havan Kund and all were given Prasad. This community Birthday Havan is now being conducted in Temples in Powai, Mulund and Ghatkopar.

Yajna or Vedic fire sacrifice ritual became a distinct feature of the early Vedic rituals.  Birthday Havan is done especially to earn the blessing of God in order to have longevity, health and to attain success in material and in spiritual level. 

Many parents expressed the view that they would not have performed a Havan at home and this initiative by organisers is really very thoughtful. 

The concept is of celebrating Birthday the Indian traditionally way. Birthday Havan organisers are looking forward to start this concept in 5 more Temples in Mumbai in 2019.


Holi Celebration

Spring is here and to celebrate the vibrancy and joyful hues all around, people of Panch Smruti gathered together on 21st March, 2019 to celebrate eco-friendly Holi, the festival of colours. The festival which also signifies the blossoming of love, forget and forgive. It is popularly known as Basant Utsav, which started with residents burning Holika on 20th March evening and celebrated ‘Holika Dahan’ or Chhoti Holi. As is believed, no one can harm the person who has God as his saviour. Thus Prahlad came out of the burning fire safely and Holika was burnt to death.

Next day all residents of Panch Smruti played Rangoli with bright eco-friendly colours and celebrated victory of goodness over evil. Everyone dances in tune of DJ with loads of fun and joy.