Earth5R April 2019

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Powai students take up an important environmental cause

They train their families and neighbours 
about waste segregation through a live project 

Greta Thunberg was 15 years old when she began her school strike for climate change in Sweden in August last year. She launched #FridaysForFuture refusing to go to school and staging a protest outside the Swedish parliament every Friday for three weeks, holding her placards and distributing leaflets explaining her protest. She was demanding radical action from her government on climate change. She soon gained a large following and was joined by thousands of supporters and students. The movement she started spread to other countries across Europe and around the world. In March this year Greta was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 

Our very own children of S.M Shetty School in Powai are leading a strong environmental campaign too. While they may not be holding a worldwide protest, they are working on a live project with equal dedication and determination. Post a classroom training organized for S.M. Shetty School by Earth5R many students from class 8 and 9 participated in a live project titled ‘Zero Waste Homes’. 

As part of this one month project students were required to understand the problems of waste management in our city and to work on a real and effective solution. They were taught how to segregate waste in their own homes so that wet waste is not mixed with dry and recyclable waste. They were given sheets in which each one had to list their daily household waste under different categories. This sheet was tabulated at the end of 30 days and the students noted their findings. 

“Thanks to this project I learned a lot about waste segregation. My family has been segregating waste but I didn’t have proper knowledge about it. This project made me aware of the importance and necessity of segregating waste properly. With the growing population there is a phenomenal amount of waste is generated and only by reducing recycling and reusing will we be able to manage our city’s increasing garbage. This project has been an eye opener” says Ira Hedge a class 8 student.
One of the main objectives of the project was to create awareness about waste segregation and get students to encourage their families and neighbours to do the same.

“This was one of the most innovative projects that I have done. At first there was a bit of confusion amongst our family about segregation but later it transformed into an everyday habit. Not only me but even my parents enjoyed doing it a lot. I have discussed this project with my friends and neighbours and they were quiet impressed. This is a small contribution to the society and I would like to continue it” says Sakshi Rai a class 9 student.

12 students from the participating students were shortlisted and awarded certificates by Earth5R for their understanding and implementation of the project.

A total of about 500 students from S.M. Shetty School have undertaken this live project and will be the change makers in the way their families and neighbours segregate and dispose their household waste. 

About Earth5R
EARTH5R is a socio-environmental organization working towards creating zero-waste localities by providing sustainable livelihood for marginalized communities and at the same time restoring the local ecosystems. With a community base of 35,000 members, Earth5R is present in over 35 cities across India and in 25 cities worldwide.  
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