April 2019

Pellentesque erat arcu

Hello friends! It is so good to be back on MyPowai after a long break. To say the least, I have missed this awesome platform to connect with all of you wonderful people and also the absolutely amazing editorial team of MyPowai.

So, we have just come out of a difficult phase of the Mercury Retrograde. I am sure you all must have experienced frayed tempers, communication glitches, technology related breakdowns and a fair share of misunderstandings to complete the recipe!! Phew! A spicy one that, wasn’t it!

April brings with it a whole lot of messages to unwind, detox, renew and re- establish.

Let’s have a look at what is lined up for us this month.  

Aries: The keywords to remember this month are Love and Compassion. They say Love makes the world go around, and that is particularly true this month. Approach every situation with compassion and let your actions be an act of love, whether at work or in personal life. It is a time to begin something new and renew, so those who are single’s a good time to pop the question. Those in a relationship, make opportunity to spend quality time to renew the love and bond with your partner. Also a good time to reconnect with friends.

Taurus: You can expect to travel, maybe even overseas, either for work or for holiday. If you are travelling for work, throw in a few extra days to make a fun trip out of it with family or friends. If you have some long term plans in mind, then this is a good time to initiate them. Make those investments, review them, and reshuffle them. Expansions in business or a move to a new job also is favorable now.

Gemini: There is so much you want to do and you want to do it all at the same time. Though there is no doubting your multitasking skills, it is advised to focus on the one thing at hand completely and totally. Else you will land up doing one thing and thinking about the other and results will be delayed. It’s a good time to buy a new vehicle, learn driving or upgrade your current mode of transport...In all you do, the keyword here is focus. Focus and results are guaranteed!

Cancer: Its celebration time and the focus this month is mainly family. At work you may have an offsite get together or a completion party, some manner of celebration is lined up. At home, expect family to drop in or plan to go visit your family. Big reunions with cousins, uncles, aunts coming up. Enjoy and make the most of the quality time you get with the family!

Leo: It’s the month of abundance and creativity. You can start a new project, learn a new skill or hobby, plan a baby, or just take off to a nature abundant destination to let your hair down. When starting something new, focus on the creation and execution rather than the result. Because the effort of labor takes time to mature and give output. So be patient and give your best.

Virgo: Too many things coming at you from all directions and you will be struggling to do justice to each one of them. While having many Aces up your sleeve is a thrill of its own, be careful that you do not burn yourself out. Plan and prioritize and execute according to plan. It’s a favorable time for results to come in, so work out and fine tune your details so that you do not miss out on anything.

Libra: It is that phase that says make a wish, and it comes true. So be specific when wishing for something, because the universe is listening. Basically, whatever you have wanted for will materialise and you will be in a oh so happy space. It will all fall into place, so make the most of this great phase to get as much done as possible since the outcomes are so favourable.

Scorpio: It’s time for some financial planning. Rework your investments. Think about alternative sources of income. If a source of making a second income or a passive income comes along, grab it up. Learn a new skill, undergo some training or upgrade yourself to keep ahead of the times.

Sagittarius: If it is a new venture you are thinking of, the stars have given you their blessing and you can take it up with full confidence. It is advised to balance your intuition with a healthy dose of logic to create the best results in whatever you do. If health has been a concern, then expect to come across a suitable cure that would lead you towards recovery.

Capricorn: At times, you may not know how to move ahead and it is imperative that some external person, thought or concept comes in to guide you through it. This could be your senior at work, or an elder at home, a spiritual guru or your life partner. Otherwise think of the “right” thing to do at that point of time and you will find your path ahead. Meditation is recommended as a method of self enquiry and clarity for you at this point of time

Aquarius: Very often there are things going around us that we have no control on, but it leaves us feeling stuck, suffocated and unable to move ahead. The best course of action lies with the only thing you can control: You. Approach this situation with patience, and be ready to move when the situation changes.

Pisces: The efforts that you have put in will come to fruition. If you have been waiting for some good news to come in you will soon hear it. It is a success well deserved .So makes the most of it and enjoy the laurels. There are times when you do have to blow your own trumpet. Just make sure to give credit where it is due and that the people around you grow with you 

(Sapna Shahri is an acclaimed Tarot card reader having clients all over the world. She not only gives consultations but also teaches the Tarot, encouraging people to use this medium to seek guidance in their daily lives. She can be contacted at Tel: 8879617735)