Seniors Celebrate Women s Day 2019

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Under the aegis of Senior Citizens’ Association, Raheja Vihar and Mita Nundy Community Centre sponsored by Oracle and supported by CAF had organized the Woman’s Day in the Club House, Raheja Vihar. The celebration meaningfully included not just senior women but gentlemen, young and old.  

Women’s Day is an occasion for men to express their love and respect to women. Enthusiastic Rahejans participated in large number.  By five in the evening the Club House was buzzing with rustle and bustle of beautiful ladies draped in colorful saris and dresses. Greetings and smiles were being exchanged. Some were looking out for friends and some acquaintances had made friends. Women from all walks of life were present.  There were housewives, entrepreneurs, bankers, teachers, dress makers, executives, beauticians, HRs, professionals, doctors and cuisine experts.  It was a beautiful symbiosis of talent and achievements. It was an occasion to appreciate women, the epitome of tenderness care and wisdom.  

The evening was full of fun and frolic. Two-minute games were very exciting….guessing  the dimensions of a napkin, and making paper boats in 2-miutes was challenging. The games were interspersed with magic tricks. Capt. Girish Kaushik, the magician confused and entertained the smart audience. His hand twisting challenge invited many confident participants to master the trick. There were singers who spontaneously rendered melodious songs of yester. The game of tambola increased the exhilaration of the evening. Meenakshi Suri the tambola queen took over the game. Every number that was called out had eyes rolling over the cards. The juvenile spirit surfaced in all the participants. The cards were being read again and again to find the number announced. The winners were happy to collect their awards. Soon dinner was served. The sumptuous spread and appetizing aroma was very inviting.

The most exciting moment was the distribution of gifts to the deserving women of 2019. 

All women present were felicitated. Award functions are held all the time. The best achievers are the awardees. For us, no one is superior or inferior. Everybody is somebody. Any job big or small needs to be appreciated and acknowledged. Every woman contributes to the welfare of the family and the society at large. Therefore every woman deserves a special recognition without further definition. The award acknowledged the women as strong but soft, formidable and caring, undaunted, courageous and above all loving without discrimination. A  Woman is a God’s gift to humanity. 

The evening concluded on a happy note but reluctance to depart and a promise to meet again …

                                                                                                                   - Rekha Vijaykar