Karuna Seva Foundation


KSF is a Charity Organization founded by 15 core members and few associate members in Nahar Amrit Shakti.  Our main moto is to help the unattended mentally challenged destitute from the streets, provide them with medical treatment, shelter till he is fully recovered and re-united with their families.   In this mission,  we have  treated Mr. Prathamesh (real name is Mr. Ajitkumar) who was picked up from Kherani Road 3 months back, treated by us  at Sarvodaya Hospital for almost two and half months.    Now he is almost normal.  He revealed that he is from Jharkhand.  He was married but his wife left him after few years of marriage.   We could contact his close relatives but they are not ready to accept him back.  KSF is looking at other options of providing a suitable job for him to be independent. See his before and after photo below.


Our second project was a free medical camp in 9 villages near Wada on 03.01.2019.  We surveyed 9 villages a week before the camp and identified their problems and needs and accordingly provided free medicine and spectacles for 400 members. One of our founder member Dr. Sonagra with his colleague doctors and our volunteers whole-heartedly supported the event to make it successful. We know one camp is not enough and will be doing the follow up camp in the near future. We will be very soon picking up another mentally challenged person from the adjacent area.  KSF is committed to work for the underprivileged selflessly to build a healthy, happy and sincere society.  

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