VARIETY March 2019


Functions give colour to our life. They are a necessary part our social life.Similarly, for the members of Orchid Enclave CHS of Nahar Amrit Shakti the Annual day function is a get together that all the residents look forward to. It giveschildren and adults alike, a chance to showcase their talent to a large audience.

This year, the Annual Day was held on the 26th of January. The Front garden had been prepared for the occasion. Members who could not make it for the function due to old age, illness and various constraints could get a panoramic view of the entire function. The “visibility to all” factor was highly appreciated by the members of the society. The venue was decorated with colorful lights making the place look very beautiful. An area was cordoned off which exclusively displayed the artwork of children who took part in the various competitions that preceded the Annual day function.


The cultural show kicked off with a Fancy-Dresscompetition. The theme was Nationalism. Children from various age groups performed with great gusto and zeal. This was followed by a song and dance routine. There were solo, duet and group performers. There was an “All girl “group whose ages ranged from 8 to 10. The entire dance was choreographed by an 8-year-old girl Apeksha. Shows how creative our kids are!!Though the first three prizes were given to deserving candidates, this time the organizers gave prizes to all the participants, so that no one went home disheartened. This gesture was a sign of encouragement not only for those who did not win but also for those who failed to take part in the various cultural events.

In addition, this day tried to bring about social awareness among the residents of the society. The prizes were gift wrapped in newspapers. An impromptu skit by Mr. Sajid Khan presenting the need for cleanliness in the society took the audience by surprise. He roped in the children of the society. He gave them some lines and ideas. These creative kids improvised on the theme and put up a splendid performance. The skit was applauded by one and all.

The evening ended with a scrumptious dinner and fond memories. This day drives home the fact that an Annual Day forms an integral part of our society activities. It is an occasion of celebration, felicitation, feast and festivity where in our children present not only their wonderful performances but also receive honors for their achievements.