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peeding bikes without silencers in Powai.

The nightmare of speeding motorbikes zooming in and out of the labyrinth of the Hiranandani gardens Powai complex is unending. 

Not only are the putting other commuters at risks but pedestrians like walkers children and senior citizens too. It is futile trying to catch them on the road to correct them as they dodge you violently. 

To add to this is the problem of noisy bikes zipping across roads racing each other. These young bikers take out the silencers to increase the noise on purpose attracting attention to get more power groups to race. 

Residents will only be safe and enjoy peaceful sleep if random checks are done by traffic police on a routine basis.

By analysing the definition of noise pollution, it is any noise that takes place when there is either an excessive amount of noise or an unpleasant sound that is above the lawful volume  or source, that causes a  disruption in the natural balance of the lives of people both in n residential and commercial zones.

The fact that there are numerous schools in the vicinity of the Hiranandani gardens Powai complex, strict checking points should be established at all entryways not only in this complex but all adjoining zones in the city under strict jurisdiction of the traffic police.
Poor adherence to sound control norms, noisy vehicles, modified vehicle exhaust especially bikes and heavy vehicles plying in residential areas also add to the noise. This noise pollution can lead to health issues.

Blood pressure levels, cardiovascular disease,and stress-related heart problems are on the rise. Re-planning of  internal residential roads can help in creating 'No-Noise' zones, where honking and bikes noise are not tolerated. Signages can be installed to warm off such speeding culprits who unplug their silencers.

+918454999999  Helpline for Traffic police to register complaints regarding speeding bikes without silencers.

(Elsie Gabriel is an award winning post graduate certified Green Teacher and Environmental Law expert. With twenty years of writing experience she has travelled to remote corners of the earth researching, photographing, documenting facts that bind the threads of anthropological wonder. Powai runs in her veins)