Inclusive Picnic

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Under the aegis of Mita  Nundy Community Centre, on Tuesday 5th February 2019, Senior citizens and the adult, specially abled trainees of ADAPT went on a picnic. The combined endeavour of Senior Citizens of Raheja Vihar  and Mita Nundy Community Centre, set out in two buses from two different directions. One bus moved from Bandra and the other from Raheja Vihar at 7.30 a.m. 

All through the two hour drive the young and old were musically absorbed and kept themselves engaged in discovering songs of yester and today. The two buses arrived together at 10.30a.m. Hot breakfast and tea was refreshing after the three hour drive. Green Paradise Resort was a paradise of bliss and tranquillity.

It was certainly a symbiosis of abilities challenged. Each one was oblivious of the limitations of the other. The enthusiastic specially abled were in a haste to enter the water pool and pulled themselves in with their carers. The cold water did cause a shiver in them but the joy over powered the aquatic challenge.

It seemed to be a wonderful experience for the seniors to interact and mingle with the physically challenged young trainees.  

Everybody had a wonderful time splashing in the cold waters of the swimming pool...rain dance... balancing in huge waves of water....the joyful screams and uncontrolled giggles created an enviable ambience......followed by a sumptuous meal, the day concluded with tambola. After a quick cup of tea , all proceeded to their respective buses. Tired but contended, all had a word of praise for the organisers and of course proposed a unanimous sincere vote of gratitude to Oracle, supported by CAF.