Local News February 2019


Raheja residents vs miscreants

Residents of Raheja Vihar spearheaded by Adv. J.P. Shetty held a dharna at the MCGM ground opp Lakeside Building on Jan 20th 2019 in protest against the unruly behaviour by outsiders. It has become an haven for drinking, drugs, smoking and other nefarious activities. 

As per the BMC rules, the ground cannot be used for cricket, football, cycling etc. Senior citizens have been hurt due to the aggressive play by the miscreants. An official police complaint has been lodged. The matter is also been taken up with the BMC. 


JKIP celebrates 70th Republic day

The eighth session of JKIP was a tribute to the nation on the occasion of 70th Republic day. True to the purpose, the poets came prepared with patriotic verses.

The National Anthem set the tone for the evening. Making a new year wish, Dr Ruchi, anchor earnestly requested all present "dekhte rehne se tasveer nahin badaltee, naya varsh aane se taqdeer nahin badaltee" & shared "Chiragaan" a nazm of the eminent shaayar late Kaifee Azmi written on jan 26th, 1974 in the backdrop of a struggling nation, which lit the evershining "deeya" of hope for the future of the country. 

Sahitya Academy awardee Gulshan Madaan aroused emotions of gratitude towards families of our Jawaans "desh tumhen taakta hasrat se tum ladnaa himmat ke saath". Satish Shukla "Raqeeb", a veteran shaayar, was in a sombre mood "ek khabar aayee thee khushhaali kee, ab tak ham akhbaar sambhale baithe hain."

Dr.Farooq Rehmaan, senior pedagogue with a remarkable ability to measure the depths of Ghalib, enthralled everyone. Hte unconventional poet Javed Nadeem shared his experimental expeditions with Ghazal writing.  "Bahadur Shah Zafar" awardee, Ajay "Agyaat" reminded " keemat hamaare mat kee yahaan khaas hai bahut". 
Guest of Honour, Nivedita Bauntiyal, Vice President, IPTA, thespian & playwright, shared hair raising incidents of freedom fight from her mentor A K Hangal's autobiography. In April 1930 the unsung hero shaheed Chander Singh Gadhwali (Gadhwal regiment) defied the orders of British commander to open fire on the protesting Indian freedom fighters at Qissa Khwani Bazaar, Peshawar.   The rendition of the scene where, Hangal for the first time saw the pathan farmers, followers of "Khudai Khidmatgaar" led by the tall, well built, red-kurta clad leader Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan ('Frontier Gandhi') follower of non violence on the foot steps of Mahatma Gandhi, recreated the moments of the everlasting impressions of the great leader cast on a school going child.  
The martyrs were given a soul stirring salute "ae mere watan ke logon" by radio artist Priya Uniyaan, ‘Sangeet Prabhakar’  (Alahabad), ‘sa re ga ma’ ‘antakshri’ paticipant.

Open mic: Special Moushmi, energetic Versha, thought provoking Promila,  elegant Ashawadi, man with a velvetty voice Deepak Kher.  

Organiser Hempushpak (#9892618127) ensured an unplugged, gadget free evening (USP). Next forum Feb. 16, 2019 (saturday); 5:30 to 7:30 pm, same place.


NGO launched in Chandivali to address local citizens concerns


On 13 January 2019, MLA Shri Arif Naseem Khan presided over the launch of a new NGO in Mumbai, the Chandivali Citizens Welfare Association (CCWA). CCWA’s aim is to discuss and call attention to the different concerns and issues faced by local citizens and table them in front of local representatives and public authorities so as to bring about effective and faster resolutions. Present at the launch,the MLA praised the creation of a platform that gives citizens an opportunity to voice their concerns and help create a better environment for the area. As part of the interactive session, citizens present highlighted some of the key issues they faced, which included traffic congestion, illegal parking, and safety issues like lack of drainage covers and alcohol consumption at bus stops. Sanitary and hygiene issues related to the BMC were also discussed. 

“This is a good start for the NGO,” said MLA Shri Arif Naseem Khan. “NGOs work with the people and are helpful for authorities as they draw attention to civic issues and we can coordinate with them to find solutions.” He thanked Mandeep Singh, XXXX, for taking the initiative and forming the association to bridge the gap between citizens and their elected representatives. He also assured the CCWA of his support and a faster resolution of the issues it highlights. To kick-start things, he asked the association to submit a list of the various issues citizens faced.

Mandeep Singh explained, “Our aim is to take problems big and small to the local councillors and MP, find solutions and get them executed as fast as possible. We will point out problems and solutions.”

As part of it’s social initiative CCWA donated a LED smart TV to M.B.A Foundation, an NGO based in Sangarsh Nagar that takes care of special kids, at the launch. Those interested in connecting with CCWA can write to


Orchid kids paint the trees with color and zeal

Orchid Enclave CHS, nestled in the Nahar’s Amrit Shakti complex, boasts of a number of majestic trees, each more resplendent than the next. These trees are amazingly adaptable, providing protection for its residents and a host of other species.  Year after year, they have witnessed the Annual Day function held by this society, where in a host of multi-cultural activities take place. On the 20th of January, for the first time ever, these trees became part and parcel of the Annual Day event. 

Painting tree trunks white is a time- honored method of young tree protection often found in farms. There are several purposes for doing so, but chief among them is to prevent splitting of the bark, which can allow introduction of disease, insects and fungus. Keeping in mind the need to protect these trees, the members decided to make painting them a fun activity for the kids and adults alike. Asmira Paints Pvt Ltd. sponsored this activity and made the paints child and tree friendly to use. 

At 11 am, kids by the dozen, armed with enthusiasm, started painting the trees. The adults were so taken up by their passion that they pitched in too. Vibrant colors, slogans and various animal species were painted on the tree trunks. All the painters worked in unison, no one bickered with another and it seemed as if they were one with nature. It took the organizers a great deal of effort to tell them that there was no more paint and that they needed to disperse. Looking at the beautifully painted tree trunks one can truly say, “There is pleasure in painting which none but the painters know."

Hiranandani Powai Run - Season 8

On Sunday, January 6 Powai witnessed a wave of energy from 15000 runners that took to supporting the cause of women empowerment through an initiative by the Rotary Club of Mumbai Lakers. All it takes is a few positive steps to start a positive movement. What started as a small community event seven years ago for the residents of Hiranandani, Gardens, Powai has now grown to have 15000 + participants from all over India, large charity funds, corporate participation and media amplification across the leading online and offline media,
(Turn to Page 20,21 for pics of the Powai Run)



Holy presence at Birtyhday Havan

His Holiness Jagadguru Sankaracharya of Dakshinamnaya Sringeri Sharada Peetam,  Sri Sri Vidusekhara Bharati Sannidhanam graced the occasion of Community Birthday Havan in Mumbai Temple, on Sunday morning 6th January 2019