Are You At Health Risk??? February 2019

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February 4th is the World Cancer Day.
Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide, responsible for 8.2 million deaths per year. However we know that more than one third of these deaths are preventable, and if detected early enough, many cancers are curable.

Mr. Narayan 46 yrs came to the preventive clinic for the comprehensive health check after he lost his brother to cancer recently. After observing his results he brought his family members and staff to conduct the test for health issues and referred to all his friends about this amazing non-invasive health analysis test. 
Mr. Aziz 62 yrs came to the clinic to find the reason of frequent urination especially at night. We noticed the enlargement of prostate gland (prostatic hyperplasia) and took necessary steps that cleared his anxiety.
Ramya 58yrs. visited our preventive clinic to test the lower back pain and abdominal pain. After the scan we observed the problem of fibroids in the uterus and she was referred to the gynecologist for further treatments. 
We can take steps to reduce the risk of cancer by choosing a healthy lifestyle. Quit smoking, be physically active, choose healthy food habits and reduce the exposure to radiation from various sources. These are some of the simple measures one can easily adopt in their healthy lifestyle. 

We must act now because the global cancer epidemic is huge and set to rise. It is predicted to increase to 19.3 million cases by the year 2025, from 14.1 million in 2012. Until cancer awareness is improved globally and actions are taken to prevent and treat the disease, millions of people around the world will die unnecessarily every year.  

What is 3D Body Scan? This Scanner is one of the most powerful risk-assessment tools currently available. It is designed to give the patient a detailed assessment of their overall health including a risk-assessment of various diseases and conditions.  

Advantages: It is safe and non-invasive. No harm to the human body from any kind of radiation as X-ray, CT Scan etc.  No piercing of the skin, no blood or urine samples required, no previous history required, no undressing and reports are immediately available.

The Outcome: We can get information such as:# Risk levels of  Cancer, Diabetes, Heart diseases, Cholesterol, Hepatitis, Prostate cancer, Digestive Disorders, Thyroid & other Hormonal problems, Vertebral problems, Obesity, Life Style issues, and many more.  

# Body Composition factors that rank your health, and guides a healthy life style. 
By watching these trends, and with an experience of over 13500 scans, we can make better recommendations for your health, modifying treatments or referring to other specialists if needed. This scan will give the patient a clear cut idea whether or not to go for further clinical tests, thereby saving time, money, and worry.

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Prevention is Better than Cure