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Powai will soon have its first CrossFunctional box SHIVFIT ZEALBOX! Opening this month at 602, Powai Plaza Co-op Society, near Hiranandani Gardens, it has a complete fitness program for the body and mind with a highly intense functional workout that has been conceptualized by the founder of the first CrossFit box in India, Shivoham and the Mind Coach, Vrinda Mehta. Zealbox is a franchise of SHIVFIT started by a young 24-year-old, a B.B.A, M.I.C.A post graduate and a resident of Powai, Allan Cheriyan Thomas.
Renowned in the fitness industry for almost a decade, Shivoham has also trained Bollywood celebrities like Aamir Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor, Jacky Bhagnani, Arunoday Singh, Jacqueline Fernandez, KanganaRanaut, Sonakshi Sinha, Pariniti Chopra, Rani Mukherjee amongst many others. Today, science has proved that our mind, our thoughts, our emotions play a very vital role in every aspect of our physical life. Vrinda Mehta looks after the mind aspect which is "the Vibrations process" and explains the power of your mind and teaches you how to create and manifest every aspect of your life. She has trained a score of Bollywood stars like Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, Mrs Jaya Bachchan, Karan Johar, Kajol, Madhuri Dixit, Sridevi, Abhishek Bachchan, Farah Khan, Tina Ambani, Tabu, Dimple Kapadia and Twinkle Khanna..


Shivoham explains, “CrossFunctional is a high-intensity training intervention incorporating both endurance and strength training. It is a combination of strength training, explosive plyometrics, speed training, Olympic-and power-style weightlifting, kettlebells, body weight exercises, gymnastics, and endurance exercise. The main exercises involves the entire body and includes pushing, pulling, running, rowing, and squatting, all put together in various different combinations to give you a highly intense functional workout. The health benefits of CrossFunctional include - improved heart health, power, co-ordination, weight loss, better posture & body control, flexibility, balance, strength and overall health. And, of course, consistency is the key.”

Having trained under Shivoham as a crossfunctional athlete for the last 2 years, Allan has made it his mission to build a lifestyle around the sport he loves. He is passionate about giving back and using the communities of which he’s a part to make a difference on a grander scale.

Quitting his job as a brand marketing executive at Mahindra Finance to become an entrepreneur, Allan says, “It is my privilege to bring alive my passion for fitness with ShivfitZealbox along with my mentors, Shivoham and Vrinda. We believe that fitness involves more than just your body. We care about the health of your body and your soul. We aim to create a community and provide families and athletes of all ages, abilities and skill levels the fitness programs to develop their body, mind and spirit with a solid foundation for years of overall fitness and success.

Detailing his mission, Allan says, “Our mission is to be the prime provider of CrossFunctional strength and conditioning workouts in Powai by providing a unique experience to enhance superior physical health, cognitive, emotional, social wellbeing and fun for families & athletes to achieve everlasting wellness.”


CrossFuntional exercises which will be taught with the right progression techniques includes Double Unders, Muscle Ups (bar or ring), Toes To Bar, Thrusters, Chest To Bar Pull Ups, Wall Balls, Snatch (Full / Power), Deadlifts, Burpees (any kind), Box Jumps, Cleans , Calorie Row, Overhead Squats, HSPU (Hand Stand Push Ups), Shoulder To Overhead, Clean and Jerks, Walking Lunges and Dumbbell Snatches. On being a fitness enthusiast for the last 6 years, Allan, who is also the Head Coach at ShivfitZealbox says, “I keep an eye on a balanced diet, I follow my workout plan and I don’t forget to prepare my mind as well. The training is hard and really demanding. There are no excuses and it pushes me to get out of my comfort zone everyday.”

Talking about the Indian CrossFunctional scenario, Allan says, “It’s still pretty young in India. It’s surprising how few people know the basics when it comes to gymnastics, weightlifting and how to get fitter. But working with experts like Shivoham, we are helping to educate as many people as much as we can.”

Inviting all athletes & families to ShivfitZealbox, Allan says, “Globally, CrossFunctional training has got a cult status where communities are created to ensure better health. CrossFunctional is great as it helps develop a strong mindset because everyday that you go to the gym, it’s a conscious decision knowing what type of workout you will do despite knowing that it will be painful. You know it’s always for a certain duration for a certain amount of reps and it’s you pushing to those limitations everyday…if this training is a part of the day, the rest of the day will surely be a cakewalk.”

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