Powai resident makes India proud

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Rashekhar a resident of Powai Vihar came 3rd in the IMT – NASA worldwide competition- HUMANS BEYOND EARTH.

IMT and NASA have come together to find the most practical and beautiful visions and ideas on the theme of HUMANS BEYOND EARTH. This competition is for bringing to the fore true geniuses that are out there and want their ideas to be seen and heard in highly influential crowd of NASA Cross Industry Innovation Summit of 2018. This is an annual event where executives across different industries come together to talk about enhancing, applying, and nurturing innovation. IMT has worked diligently to provide this opportunity for free to innovative minds across the world of engineering and art; so that whoever has the talent and vision can be heard by the best of the best.

In 2016, Rajshekhar topped  the design  contest. He was followed  by a North American in 2nd position and a Korean in 3rd Position in a world wide competition where more than 875 contestant from 89 countries participated and was organized by Michelin.

He is a graduate in Automobile Engineering from Manipal. He won 3 contests while completing the Auto Transport Design in Pune and was among the top 3 designers of the world at the Design Contest organised by  Volkswagon – Germany.