ME POWAIKAR January 2019

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As we step into a new year, I would like to wish all my readers a happy new year filled with new beginnings that I hope will bring them much happiness.
I love stories that end with the main characters living together happily and that is how I begin 2019, with a story for you that has a happy end. It will also motivate and give hope to many children and their parents.

In the city of Calcutta lived a little boy who, like many children, was least interested in studies and was always lagging way behind in his class.  His father thought he’d eventually end up being a potato vendor selling his wares on the street. He would do anything to skip the exams going to the extent of participating in a bike race riding all across India. By the time he reached class 9, he realised that this fear was strangulating him when he simply froze while participating in a school debate. He felt wretched but that turned out to be the turning point in his life. Once he had dropped to the bottom, he felt he had nothing more to lose or fear. That’s when he conquered his phobias and emerged victorious in everything he did. Thereafter whenever anyone laughed at his drawbacks, he would talk himself out of that anxiety running him down and surface stronger. 

By the time he reached college, he overcame his apprehension of numbers and public speaking and became a Radio Jockey with All India Radio. That transformation gave him a humongous level of confidence to take on the world, because he had realised failure can truly be the stepping stone to success. He became highly popular as he was one of the few who started earning at that young age when his classmates were dependent on parents for pocket money.
Practical to the core, Sudip an ardent fan of cricket, realised very early that he didn’t have the talent to be a pro. So he tried to figure out what works for him. Every person has the ability to do multiple things. The wise men choose one and excel in it. But to find his forte, Sudip dabbled in theatre to direct his first commercial play for Doordarshan. Its’ success prompted him to direct another five plays. Next his imaginativeness took him into advertising and branding. He realised he was pretty good at the numbers game and got picked up by India’s top companies like Reliance Infocomm, Onida, Whirlpool, Bausch n Lomb, etc to lead their operations.

Today Sudip Ghose, the CEO of VIP Industries runs a 1500 crore company that is India’s largest luggage manufacturing company. Sudip knows his product and his consumer very well and uses it to the best of his ability. It is with great pride that he says he is honoured to head an organisation that has a presence in every household in our country, whether it be a little child’s school bag or an executive bag for the office-goer to overnight travel solutions and much larger bags. This kind of reach for a 50 year old organisation that has the distinction of selling 12 million pieces of luggage yearly and making travels simple, places VIP right on top of the charts.

Originally from Calcutta, he has lived in every part of the country. Sudip moved to Powai in 2012 and his family loves it here. Sudip met Sukanya while volunteering for social service in college. Totally in love, struggling family opposition, they eventually managed to bring them around and get married 21 years ago. He travels a lot so his wife takes care of their twin sons who study in Nahar International School while he plays the role of a weekend Dad, the good cop. He pampers his kids while Sukanya has the difficult job to discipline them. The Cool Dad also teaches them cool stuff like it’s better to stand 2nd in life as opposed to 1st. He has personally experienced that life is not a 100mts dash. People who had stormed way ahead of him have lost steam somewhere along the way. 

He went to a School Reunion in Goa and met his schoolmates after 30 years. His opponent from the debate that revolutionised his life too was present and he thanked him for he has learnt a lot from his failures. The artistic Bong streak in Sudip has made him take an impulsive decision that he will work another couple of years and then get into a creative field like acting. I have no doubt in my mind that Sudip will be like King Midas with the golden touch. Everything he attempts will turn to gold and he’ll have a successful career in whatever he chooses to do