Pawsome Puppy

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Pets become an integral  part of a family who give unconditional love to all the family members. Here's a family in Powai that has showed the same love and affection towards their pet - Buttons. They have published a book seeing the world through Buttons’ eyes. It’s a must-read book for all pet-owners or those who love dogs. My Powai met with Malathi Rai, Author of Pawsome Puppy. Excerpts - 

How did the idea of a book first come to you?
 Life with Buttons is so amazing - every day you discover a new dimension to her, understand a little more about how she thinks and what she thinks and not a day goes by when you don't find a new reason to chuckle. And there's not one person who hasnt looked at her and gone 'aaaw' .
I wanted to share this joy with others.   Buttons is more than just a pet- she's brought immeasurable joy into our lives and a book seemed one way of showing how much she means to us.  It's our ode to her.
Were you always a pet loving family?
Nothing could be further from the truth. 
I was one of those 'uuugghh please tie up your dog else I won't come inside' kind of persons. My husband was indifferent to pets. It was only our daughter who kept badgering us for a pet - and she had to wait for 20 years before she finally got one.  She got a goldfish and a stuffed dog in lieu of the real one when she was in school, but when she turned 20, those tricks didn't work !   
So if we could become this crazy, it has to be the way this four-legged wonder has cast her magic spell on all of us.
Your book design is unique. How did that come about?
This is such a perfect pose of Buttons - her favourite actually, when she sits by the door waiting for us to come home - and she will take up this pose exactly 30 seconds after we've left home !  She can sit like this for an hour, patiently waiting for us and that's really the most exquisite feeling about having a dog.  They truly dote on you.
So this had to be captured and then of course I went one step ahead and had the book cut out in this design.
Who is this book aimed at?
It is obviously a children's picture book - but pet parents will identify with many of the situations I've talked about and will enjoy the book too.  Even if you're not a pet lover, this is bound to bring a smile to your face.

Is there a message you have as a new pet-parent?
Not so new now that we've had Buttons for 2 years.  But yes, Buttons has changed our sensitivity and empathy towards all animals - not just dogs.  Be kind to them - not everyone has the time or inclination to take care of a pet but the least you can do is keep a bowl of water for them and not throw stones or hurt them in any way.
Encourage your children to love pets - it builds empathy in them, for all living beings and empathy just makes you so much of a better human being.
A pet can take care of so many of life's problems - stress, depression, sorrow, loneliness - you're never alone in this world when you have a dog willing to give his life for you.
And if you'd like a play-date with Buttons, please do write to her at
She loves company and is the friendliest dog you can find.
If you want a free copy walk into My Powai’s office at Chandivili between 10 am & 12 noon Mon to Fri. If you want to buy copies for gifting check out the book stores in Powai or just write to