From Powai to Paris

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How a Powai based couple created an impactful local environmental project which was showcased at the Paris Peace Forum in November 2018. This project called ACT Global by Earth5R will now be run by them in Paris!

In 2014 Saurabh Gupta started a conscious environmental organization called Earth5R run from his apartment in Raheja Vihar. Earth5R was started by a strong belief that much could be done towards improving the local environment with small but impactful methods. After a lot of research and after interacting with citizens and local bodies Saurabh was able to create a powerful but practical action plan. Saurabh was able to get valuable insights and technical knowledge from his wife Bharat Marathe Gupta who is an environmental architect and a professor of environmental studies. 

About a year ago, the couple along with a strong team of volunteers at Earth5R launched the project by the name ACT Powai by Earth5R which is focused on creating zero waste communities while reducing poverty and restoring the local ecosystem. ACT stands for Action, Collaboration and Transformation. They work on the ideology that no government, no agency, no NGO can do alone what citizens can do collectively by just sharing some of their time and attention to important issues that affect the planet. 

ACT POWAI: A collaborative vision for a better Powai

In early 2018, under the ACT Global brand the team launched the Powai chapter called ACT Powai. A few Powai based volunteers came along with Earth5R to survey the residential areas, business sector, local slums settlements and Powai’s local ecosystem and drafted the logical framework for the project. Thereafter ACT Powai was designed with the aim, among others, to conserve energy, water, natural resources and eliminate waste, poverty and inequalities.

ACT Powai progress and impact report 

  • Weekend clean up drives in and around Powai lake with the help of Powai citizen volunteers. Thousands of kgs of  plastic waste is collected, segregated and recycled every month
  • Training citizens and residents on solid waste management and helping them in setting up composting units
  • Training local marginalised communities to create products from segregated waste. The programme has positively impacted many underprivileged families, providing them with training on waste management, financial literacy, and waste to wealth programme.
  • Tree plantation drives with an aim to plant 36000 trees in 2 years
  • Awareness programmes in schools regarding waste management 

As one of the next steps the team is working towards getting local businesses and establishments to reduce their carbon footprint. 

From Powai to the Paris Peace Forum

The success of the ACT Powai project and the dedication and enthusiasm of the members of Earth5R to positively change their community led to the selection of Earth5R to the very first edition of the Paris Peace Forum- An annual forum for ideas and initiatives on global governance, around the five themes- peace and security, the environment, development, new technologies and the inclusive economy which was help in Paris in November 2018

Earth5R was selected as a Project Leader from over 840 applications. It was one among 119 projects to be selected from all over the world and one of the 24 projects in the Environment Sector. Earth5R’s ACT Project was the only initiative which had citizen’s participation from conceptualisation to implementation of the project.

At Grande Halle de la Villette, Paris where the Paris Peace Forum was held, Saurabh Gupta and Bharati Marathe Gupta along with Earth5R’s dedicated team were honoured to share the platform with 60 Heads of nations, various think tanks and international organisations from the world. It was a great opportunity for them  to be in the presence of Global Leaders like French President Emmanuel Macron, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Russian President Vladimir Putin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

Launching ACT Paris 

The simplicity of the ACT project impressed the organisers in Paris so much so that Earth5R has been invited by the Ministry of Environment in France to initiate the ACT project in Paris from 2019. What impressed them most was the team’s ability to mobilise citizen volunteers in large numbers and create an actual impact on the local ecosystem and livelihood of marginalised communities. 

Speaking about the project and the invite that Earth5R has received to work in Paris Saurabh Gupta founder Earth5R  says “The world is facing a threat in all three dimensions of sustainable development – economic, social and environmental. Achieving sustainable development requires a systematic approach that must begin at the grassroots level. We are happy to have the opportunity to take the ACT model to Paris where we will mobilize a citizen team similar to what we have done in Powai for overall sustainability”

Join the youth leadership programme 

In partnership with UNESCO Earth5R runs a ‘Sustainability and Climate Change Leadership Programme’. This is a three month programme with online and offline classroom sessions  and on ground environmental activities. Participants are be certified by UNESCO and global governments and they get exposure by working with global leadership and UN delegations. 

Calling citizen volunteers to make Powai cleaner and greener

Earth5R is looking for citizens of Powai to volunteer and join us in this movement. Children, adults and senior citizens all are welcome! Please call us to know more 

Currently Earth5R is also accepting internship requests from passionate young minds who are keen to work on Powai and Paris projects.  


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Phone: 9920045587