Local News November 2018


JKIP getting popular with every session


On "Vishnu Khare Smruti Diwas" at JKIP, the session opened with Abha Bodhisattva sharing Vishnuji's brief biography. "Vacuum created by his absence in Hindi literature would not fill soon" observed famous Hindi Poet & TV cinema script writer Dr. Bodhisattva. 

Sr.Journalist, Om Prakash Tiwari commented "He underlined an era."  Hindi Ratna Rekha Babbal recited poem of Vishnu Ji. 

The forum also witnessed the first ever play staged in Powai by established playwright Vibha Rani thus creating history.
Books discovered:
"Geeli Mitti k Rupakaar"  unconventional poetry - Rita Das Ram
"Chappar Udse Morpankh", sharp satire - Dr. Vageesh Saraswat (Nahar) 
"Vyang ki katrane" humorous cartoon strips - Madhukar Purohit (Hiranandani)

The upcoming forum will be the 6th and the topic is Unconventional poetry reading & analysis: 18/11/18 Sunday 4pm to 5.30 pm, same place in Raheja Vihar.

Important - Recitation opportunity for Aspiring poets subject to selection.

Whtsapp Hempushpak for full address and details: 9892618127


Powai gets its first Designer Jewellery studio

Shiv Shubham Jewellers, a name synonymous with amazing craftsmanship, excellent quality and unparalleled trust opens an exclusive section of designer jewellery for its high-end sophisticated customers. With an extensive range that is both beautiful and exclusive, Shiv Shubham is all set to redefine jewellery design in Powai. 

Get mesmerised with antique jewellery from Junagarh,  fine art work from Kolkatta & Cuttack, Temple jewellery from South India, Jadau from Bikaner, elegant western jewellery from Italy, glossy bangles from Dubai, Belgium solitaire diamond, Rose gold diamond jewellery, Polki and Victoria jewellery in diamonds. And remember each jewellery will be absolute value for money. 

The collection epitomises the modern Indian woman who does not want to discard her ancient heritage while staying contemporary. The studio is a fusion of modern and heritage, revival of ancient art and superior craftsmanship. Come and experience the ultimate in jewellery design.


‘Drawing is like a vision on paper’

Podar International Powai, CAIE , organised a drawing competition for students from Grade 1 to Grade 9. The topic was ‘HOPE' in regards to various challenges existing in the society today like Saving the girl child, to conserve energy resources and sustainable resources, literacy etc. Students eagerly participated and expressed themselves through various hues of colours. It was  an extravagance of hope drawn on the canvas of  life
The drawings of the winners of this intra-school competition will be sent by the school the for an Interschool competition held by Pidilite. This was indeed a colourful way to represent HOPE !


Powai Gurudwara Sahib activities with Kids and Kiddie Sangat!

When we moved to Mumbai after a few days we found a Gurudwara Powai Sahib behind Hiranandani Hospital. I wanted my son to know the place Sikh people worship at. We used to visit Gurudwara Bangla Sahib in Delhi where we used to love Kadahaparsad. This divine taste is rare.

At Gurudwara Powai sahib Kiddie sangat, gives sessions to kids. They taught “Karma” angle to kids, 5 year olds to 15 year olds.

It was actually wow! A powerful activity of body mind and soul with Karma! We started with “Simran”. Sit straight and say “Waheguru”. It rhymes from Inside as “OM” as “Allaha”. It comes directly from the soul. Try it! 

Waheguru! Waheguru! Waheguru! 

Next was the activity: Kids were divided in three groups. They were given boxes to make towers. Once done, they were asked to break other’s towers. Ownership and karma.

Many examples were taken as good karma and bad karma. Doing homework on time, not wasting food, protecting animals, fighting with friends/siblings 

After discussion and lessons learned on breaking, saving, defending these towers, Kids all stood in a parallel 4 lines sideways with one arm distance from each other. Eyes were closed. Shouting monsters were quiet. Move two steps ahead if you “help your mom”. Some moved. Go three steps behind “if you fight with your sibling” some moved. Wow! Just imagine. Introspection at age of 5. Followed by a video, On a railway station, a poor kid of age 8 was trying to repair his slippers so he can wear them. Another rich kid was feeling great about his new shoes. When train came the rich kid while boarding loose one of his shoes on platform. Poor kid tries his best help the rich kid get his show back. Train had already picked up speed, so poor kid failed. Rich kid recognises the effort, takes off his second shoe and throw it back to platform.

Now a practical activity. Two glasses and a string lever at the middle. A balance machine. If you do good karma put a cashew in right. If a bad karma put a cashew in left. This way we teach these kids what action they are taking good or bad. 

Kiddie Sangat a volunteer group is helping kids to learn about Karma. The deeds kids will sow so shall they reap.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           - Puneet Singh


Nahar residents stand up for the poor 

Annapoorna, an initiative of Secretary Rtn Tonmoy Gope of Rotary Club of Chandivali culminated on 6th Oct in Nahar.  The vision of Annapoorna was to involve children in social work and develop empathy for the poor besides building community bonding. 

About 60 volunteers and about 100 children from nearly every tower of Nahar participated in the activity by going door to door to collect grains for orphanages and old age homes. This was ably supported by a well strategised social media campaign. It ended with another hundred children taking part in the cultural program organized on Oct 6th. 

The campaign received support from all quarters including the local MLA Arif Naseem Khan.  The total collection was more than 5.5 tons including 2 tons of rice and 1.5 tons of Aata(wheat) and most importantly nearly 2 tons of pulses, peanuts, sesame seeds, sugar, oil, ghee etc.  It was distributed to over 15 different centers across Mumbai and Thane. Seeing the huge response and involvement of the community, it has been decided to make it an annual affair.


Navratri Celebration at Palatial Heights

Navratri celebrated in honor of Goddess Durga symbolizing power and purity, was witnessed in Palatial Heights, Chandivali – Powai.

Joy, happiness, dance, laughter, all this was experienced at Palatial Heights on 12th Oct to 14th Oct 2018. 


Panch Ritu celebrates Navratri with gusto

Panch Ritu Society has been celebrating Navratri Festival for past 10 years with Puja and Aarati of Ma Amba when all residents including tenants take part with full enthusiasm and spirit of victory of good over evil. After conducting Aarati of Ma Amba, traditional Garba dances set on old folk songs were performed by all residents including young children, ladies and men in colourful dress. Dandiya Raas and modern Garba dances were also played on current popular songs. Finally spicy and tasteful Chaat was enjoyed thoroughly by all at the stall specially put up for the purpose. The residents of Panch Ritu form a well-knit close family, celebrating all festivals such as Republic Day, Independence Day, Holi, Lohri, Ganeshotsav, Navaratri and Christmas etc. 


A wardrobe full of dresses yet nothing to wear…

If this is what bothers you, RELAX! PMV Couture Designing Studio, Where Fashion Meets Tradition, is just the right solution for you. 

Your friendly neighbourhood fashion store which offers you ready to wear western and fusion outfits for any and every occasion  and makes customised outfits for you of your choice and fit at pocket friendly prices. 

A team of professional and experienced designers, pattern makers and stylists guides you right from choosing for you the fabric the silhouettes, embroidery, colours, to giving you the right fit for your dream outfits. You can also get your old sarees and outfits, which hold an emotional bond, revamped and redesigned. 

So next time when its festive time or party time, don’t stress about the dress, PMV will dress you to impress. 

Visit First Floor, Heera Panna Shopping Complex anyday from 11 am to 8.30 pm or just call for an appointment on  02225700697 and 8097685187 and get your dream dress designed and created.


Rotary award for Powai girl

Pragati Bhattad, student of Podar School, Powai received the prestigious Rotary District 3141 Vocational Excellence Awards in the Category of Service through Multi-faceted Talent.

In a glittering award ceremony hosted by Rotary Club of Bombay Powai on Friday, October 12, 2018 at Mayor’s Hall, Andheri she received it at the hands of DG Shashi Sharma. 

She was the youngest of  the 12 awardees. The others were stellar silent workers living in Mumbai who make serious difference to society with their vocation. It was indeed an honour to be recognized among many exemplary professionals. My Powai congratulates Pragati on winning the award