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Detoxing this Diwali

It’s that time of the year when one of the biggest festivals of our country is around the corner. An important part of the preparations for Diwali is cleaning or de cluttering the house. Diwali or for that matter any festival comes with its own share of a wide variety of food items. From finger licking savories to mouth-watering sweets, one is almost always spoilt for choice. The result of which is most often, to politely put it “OVER INDULGENCE”.

According to Ayurveda the ritual of fasting during Navratri which comes just before Diwali is actually in a way, a means to prepare and re-energise our bodies in preparation for the upcoming seasonal change. This Diwali I’d urge you to de-clutter and detox your bodies as well, not necessarily via fasting but making informed and healthier choices before, during and after the festivals.

Drink lots of water: The easiest and most effective route for elimination of toxins is sweat and urine. Adequate hydration will help in this process. A squeeze of lemon juice in the water will help in balancing the PH levels of your body. It helps in regulation of the digestive tract and also helps in improving the body’s metabolism.

Keep white colored foods at bay: Reduce the intake of salt, sugar and refined flour to avoid overloading and over working your system. Instead choose more complex fiber rich foods like brown or black rice, brown or red poha, multigrain for your rotis, salads, etc. 
Amp up the glow: Most often skin is the first organ which takes a beating due to all those unhealthy foods, late nights and binge partying. Make sure to include antioxidant rich foods in the meals to get your glow back and to get out of the energy funk that you may be feeling. Lemon water, oranges, kiwis, watermelons, amla, strawberries, green tea, garlic, onion, carrots, tomatoes, spinach, dark chocolate are some of the options you can opt for.

Re-order the stomach:  Sorting out and healing the stomach is important so that the entire body system functions appropriately. Add buttermilk, curd, garlic, oats, idlis, kombucha etc. to your routine.


Color the plate: Make fresh, colorful and seasonal fruits your choice for snack items. 

Easy in the evenings: Change your dinner time menu to a bowl of soup and salad. The lighter you eat, the more rested your system will feel.

Sip, Sip: Sip on warm water and at least 2 cups of green tea through the day.

Move and breathe: Include 45 minutes of exercise and 15 minutes of meditation daily. Exercise helps in the release of happy hormones in the body which will in turn help to reduce the systemic load in the body as well as mental stress levels.

Get your Zzzz’s: Getting at least 8 hours of sleep will help you to feel fresher and energetic.

Massage: A perfect time to get one of those deep tissue massages, getting a hot oil body massage done once a week will improve and regulate your circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Detoxing isn’t about taking extreme measures. It’s actually about eating healthy, natural and lighter foods. So, use these tips to detoxify, giving rest to your body and getting back on the health wagon!


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