November 2018

Pellentesque erat arcu

Aries: (March 20 - April 18) You had sown the seeds of hope and prosperity in past few months and time has come for reaping the fruits now. Your hard work and devotion will pay fabulous dividends. The month will bring auspiciousness of Guru (Jupiter) which moved into Scorpio recently and it will result into new opportunities in career and business fields. Love life will be smooth. Students opting for foreign studies can expect some favorable results. People who are ailing can hope to recover fast. It is a month to enjoy. 

Taurus: (April 19 – May 19)  It is time to speak up clearly to people who matters most in your life. You need to set clear and crisp objectives for coming times. Those opting for a new start-up will have good times provided you tread very carefully in your business decisions. It is time to show your mettle in professional field. Students need to put in hard work to get good results from entrance examinations. Relationships will blossom farther. Transit of Jupiter will bring good results for natives. Look after your health well. 

Gemini: (May 20 – June 20) The tempo of your life is fast and brisk. It is time to breathe easy, pause and rethink on your business plans. You should be guarded this month as far as business proposals decisions are concerned. However investments can be made on home front. Students may have to burn extra oil to get optimum results from entrance examinations. Transit of Jupiter in Scorpio will augur well for you in long run. Love and relationships will improve tremendously. Watch out for minor hiccups in health.

Cancer: (June 21 – July 21) It is month to stick to tried and tested. Don’t experiment much in business decisions. Professionals will have quite a good time as transit of Jupiter will bring lots of good news. Don’t just sit back on past laurels and invest in new areas after due process. It is also a month to emphasize more on good communication. Romance will bloom and friendships will get strengthened. For students it should be inspiring and fruitful month and those opting for foreign studies. Health will be just fine.

Leo: (July 22 – August 21)  It is time to take some important decision in your personal and professional life. The month begins on auspicious note. Your hard work at work place will get you appreciation and also few monetary rewards. Jupiter’s transit in Scorpio would be beneficial in profession and relationships. You can expect promotions.  Youngsters will have excellent focus and can expect rich outcomes from the efforts they have put in. You will find yourself in best of health and spirits. Love life will be very good. 

Virgo: (August 22 – September 21)  It will be mixed month but you need to take cautious decisions in personal and professional front. Stay away from office politics and gossips. Socially you will be accepted for your prowess in communication and conviction. You may expect few pleasant short journeys this month.  For students it may bring some cheerful news as transit of Jupiter brings new wave of confidence. Relationships and love life will be good. Overall this month is satisfactory and cheerful. 

Libra: (September 22 – October 22)  It is time to enjoy positive results for the hard work you had put in last few months. In some areas you will feel on top of the world. The month will bring lots of cheer as Jupiter moved into Scorpio last month. Opportunities in business will be knocking your doors and people seeking change in job for better financial prospects will succeed. Health will be fine and stable. Love life and relationships will be on upswing. Expect short journeys this month. 

Scorpio: (October 23 – November 20)  Your efforts of past few month will be quite rewarding. There will be many opportunities knocking your door this month. November month is the month of ascendance for you as it is favorable month for career and finances due to favorable Jupiter transit. You can plan a long distance vacation this month that will provide much needed breather to destress yourself. You may be romantically inclined this month as it is favorable month for love and relationships. You will be in pink of health.
Sagittarius: (November 21 – December 20) It is time to re-examine yourself in decision making process. Also it is time to adjust to new situation and try to be more flexible on that front. You have good management and directional abilities and it is time to bank upon them in important domains of life. Finances will be smooth and you can very well invest in property and a car as transit of Jupiter favors you. Health will be fine but you get medically examined periodically to ward off any health emergency.  

Capricorn: (December 21 – January 19) Your opponents will try to tarnish your image so it is time to be extremely cautious. Transit of Jupiter will provide you strength to take some important personal and professional decisions. Students seeking placements after professional courses may have to struggle.Love and relationships will have fabulous time and health will be pretty fine. It is time to get set for some exotic vacations as it may provide much needed relief from daily stress. Curb your expenditures.

Aquarius: (January 20 – February 18)  The time is ripe now to chart out a new pathway for yourself. You will expand your professional horizon and lots of appreciation will come your way as Jupiter will bestow its blessings on you. Marriage is on cards for those seeking it. Love and relationships will bloom. Someone in family may bring delight. It is time to plan a journey to some exotic places. Youngsters will have fun time. It is going to be gainful month for students seeking placements.

Pisces: (February 19 – March 19)  It is time to change your normal routine and take some new dynamic decisions. It will help you to regain control in your life. Your performance in profession will bring lots of appreciation and you can expect some promotions due to benevolent transit of Jupiter. There will be a family function this month. For students too this month will bring some good news on selection and placement front. Relationships will be good and smooth. Health will be pretty good. 

(Dinesh K Vohra is an acclaimed Powai based Vedic Astrologer, Numerologist, Lecher Antenna based superior Bio-Energetic Healing, Vastu & Earth Energy (Bhumi Dosh) Expert. He is also a reputed Management Speaker and Author. He can be contacted at 9820663570/