Customer says he found worms in the chicken. KFC denies the charge.

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On Oct 1, Datta Salve walked into the KFC outlet in Hirananadani, Powai. He ordered his favourite crunchy chicken wings. Picking up his dish he settled down to enjoy it. Says Datta “I worked for KFC about 10 years back and have always opened the chicken to see if it’s cooked well from the inside. Like I do every time I opened the chicken piece but was shocked to see worms. I immediately alerted the store manager who initially said it was not worms. I showed it to another customer at the adjacent table. He was so angry that he threw his plate away.” Datta continues “Seeing things getting out of control, the store manager offered me free food across all KFC outlets for a year.” Datta did not take the offer but walked out with the contaminated chicken dish. 

He reached out to his friend Kiran who owes allegiance to MNS. Kiran shot a video and uploaded it in the social media. It went viral. Then they got in touch with My Powai. They reiterated the whole incident to My Powai who decided to meet the KFC store manager for his version. But the store manager Mr. Sandeep Shetty told My Powai that he was instructed by the management not to speak to anyone on this subject. He gave the representative of the magazine the phone number of the PR agency of the company. 

The PR agency called and a meeting was fixed for the next day. The PR agency along with a couple of representatives of KFC met My Powai, Datta and Kiran. They denied that anything like this happened and that there were no worms in the chicken. Datta said they offered him money to keep quiet on the incident for which KFC rebutted that it was Datta who asked for money. 

When the discussion was not going anywhere, My Powai asked if the cctv footage could be provided. The PR agency said that they will have to check with the management. The meeting concluded with Datta informing that he had lodged a complaint with FDA. 

The PR agency on behalf of KFC spokesperson sent a mail to My Powai “KFC India is firmly committed to providing the highest level of food safety to our customers. We have been notified of this issue and are investigating the same. Even in theory, the presence of such foreign objects in our chicken is impossible, as each piece of chicken at KFC India is manually hand-breaded in our restaurants before being cooked at a minimum of 170 degrees Celsius. Additionally, from the suppliers’ farm to the customer, KFC chicken goes through 34 quality checks. Customers are welcome to walk into our restaurants across India, and ask for a kitchen tour, to see for themselves the stringent quality and hygiene standards that we follow.”

When My Powai followed up with the PR agency for the cctv footage that would have put to rest all issues beyond doubt, the PR agency sent a mail saying “Additionally, we are unable to provide you with the CCTV footage at the moment; and will keep you posted on further developments.” Till date no updates have been received.