School News October 2018


Tête-à-tête with Amish Tripathi at HFS International

HFS International's Reading Club feels privileged to host author Amish Tripathi, whose titles have a colossal resonance with the current readership. The Principal, Mrs. Kalyani Patnaik believes that such wizards are necessary to bring in good values and ignite the young minds with rich, stirring thoughts.

His presence brought to life the multidimensional Indian mythologies for the young audience. An enlivening discussion with the student arose, where the room buzzed with refernces from the Mesopotamian, Greek, Central American, Norse and Indian mythologies. Mr. Tripathi deconstructed the term 'myth' for the eager listeners. Building up to the rich Indian cultural heritage, he traced the roots of words in popular usage, such as 'Thursday' from the Norse Thor's day. 

The discourse covered a wide range of topics, where the author and the HFSI students grappled with a diverse range of questions. Mr. Tripathi asserts that unlike the other cultures, braving the changing times, our stories are still alive in India because we believe in them. The multiple truths and stories that the Vedic scholars had once sought out – have adapted to the vagaries of time. Drawing beautiful analogies to answer the questions, the speaker explained that sturdy trees are the first ones to be demolished in hurricanes, while the flexible woods prevail.  

Outlining the religiousity and liberality that go hand – in – hand in the Indian culture, Mr. Tripathi spoke of the construction of the story of 'Lakshman Rekha', which did not exist in the original Valmiki Ramayana or the later Ramcharita Manas. This is the cultural influence on language, where today, we find Lord Ganesh on a motorcycle during the 'visarjan' ceremony or the touch of the divine blessings in our scientific space expeditions. The stress on the equality of men and women was laid, with examples of the ancient 'rishikas' and 'Shakti' as an embodiment of power.

The final turn of the invigorating discussion mused over the status of Indian education, where the author asserted the need to Indianise our education system. From the Indian concept of six seasons to the mathematical geniuses of Baudhayana and Bhaskaracharya, our stories are replete with illustrations of the prolific pedagogues. 

At the end of the session, the students were left with new questions and ideas to consider. Their curiosity for the Indian cultural heritage is kindled and their interest piqued. 


NIS Celebrates Family Day

We believe that families are the fundamental pillars of society, the resolute strength upon which society stands and flourishes. It is for this very reason that we often refer to the bonds that tie all of us at NIS also as familial. A family is binding, it is the place of origin, it is the place of nourishment, it provides a haven of warmth and the solidity of support.

With this thought in mind, we set about organising a Family Day at school; a day to celebrate these deep bonds we all unknowingly share. Our main objective was to enable family members to spend a few hours getting to know each other, building interactions through a mix of interesting traditional and modern ways. The NIS team and parent representatives of each section worked together to meticulously plan this Family Day and ensured that everything came together beautifully. Activities were planned class wise, carefully designed to enhance the learning experience of our students and give parents and grandparents a taste of their glorious childhood and growing up days.

Come August 18th, a festive air filled the school as students from Grade 1 to 5 prepared to welcome their families. Here is a glimpse of all that happened on our very second Family Day.

Beginning with the little ones - GRADE 1 that had organised a traditional food tasting session - Scrumptious Saturday right here in our cafeteria. In today’s day and age, children rarely get a chance to taste traditional dishes. Parents and grandparents used this opportunity to prepare traditional dishes and got our young generation to taste the authentic flavours of each home. They even compiled a Secret Recipe Book capturing each recipe displayed during the activity; something to pass on to the kids. The school community also enjoyed making traditional aloo tikki right from scratch. It brought us great joy to see everyone bonding over food. Fun apart, the learning opportunities for the children were immense. Awareness about diverse food cultures of the world, tasting different flavours and appreciating their family’s involvement in school were a few of the learnings kids and parents took home that day.

A family that plays together stays together - this was the theme displayed by GRADE 2 for Family Day. We organised a football and basketball match for their parents and grandparents in our school ground. Our P.E teachers conducted short 20/20 minute games, and we must say, our parents were a great sport, playing enthusiastically all through.

GRADE 3 presented us all with an ecofriendly theme encouraging families to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle. Parents and students got together and made interesting presentations and demonstrations on eco-friendly ways to make air coolers, bird feeders, eco-friendly Ganeshas, reusing plastics, making straws with leaves etc. The idea was to create greater awareness on how we can make small changes and use eco- friendly things in our daily life.

With performing arts as their theme, GRADE 4 students got their families to team up and put forth some amazing performances on stage. We saw families singing, dancing, playing instruments, putting up a puppet show and more! It was heartwarming to see parents take stage and perform confidently and see parents and students encourage and appreciate each other’s talent.

GRADE 5 put together a showcase on Dying art in an attempt to revive lost art forms of our country. Draping a nine-yard sari, pounding spices on stone, lippan art, block printing - many of these art forms are slowly vanishing and it is our collective responsibility as one larger family to keep this alive for the generations to come. Children enjoyed making rangolis and using their hands to create simple things used in our daily lives. This session reminded us all that it is possible to survive without technology and gadgets and still use traditional methods in our day to day lives.

Our second Family Day was a memorable experience thanks to the efforts of each and every member of the NIS family - students, parents, grandparents, NIS staff and teachers. We count this day as a link to the past and a bridge to the future and look forward to more.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                - NIS Team


‘Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing’

Podar International School, CAIE, Powai arranged ,’A talk with the author ‘, for  students of Grade 1 to Grade 7 for encouraging the writer in them to excel.

Students had an opportunity to interact with famous a Mumbai based poet and an international journalist Miss Sakshi Singh. She has written books like Rat-a-Tat and Jalebi Jingles which are being used to teach poetry in schools across India and UK. The session was thoroughly enjoyed by the little ones, when they got to rhyme and sing with Miss Singh to some of her poems. 

Miss Singh inspired the students of Grade 6 and 7 to get in to ‘Free Writing ‘and ‘Journal Writing ‘. She was glad the students acknowledged and accepted ‘Writing ‘as a tool for self expression. She also shared with students the advantages of ‘Free Writing ‘and writing for Personal wellness. She encouraged the students by saying, ‘Each one of you is a writer in your own way! So just write!’

It was an enthralling session where students rejoiced the process of getting into writing their mind.


Beaumont's Book Week

Every year, 8th September is celebrated as International Literacy Day and to commemorate this day, we at Beaumont have a week long celebration - our very own Beaumont's Book Week.

This year too we had a book fair by Scholastic, whose mascot Clifford the Dog welcomed the children on the very first day of the event. Later we also viewed his stories online and read books. On Teachers' Day, students made lovely cards for the teachers as a mark of their appreciation, as it is through the efforts of the wonderful teachers that our children acquire and build on their literacy skills. 

This year's Story Elements session, had students exploring the story of The 3 Little Pigs and for High Tea after viewing the story of Gingerbread Man each student  made a yummy Brown Bread Man. Story Quiz, a presentation of the book series -The Magic School Bus by Scholastic's guest speaker, daily reading sessions,  browsing and purchasing books were some of the other activities which kept the kids well engaged throughout.

The grand finale was on the 7th - The Character Parade- each child came dressed as a favourite book character and presented wonderfully.