Ganapati Celebration 2018

ganpati celebration 01.jpg

Nahar Society celebrates Ganapati festival 

Mimosa / Mirabilis, Nahar Amrit Shakti celebrated Ganpati Bappa festival for the first time. Every one took the Lord’s blessings and enjoyed dinner. As a conscious society they had opted for eco-friendly Ganesh idol. The decoration was done aesthetically by using natural flowers. The entire society was involved in the celebration very enthusiastically. 

Finally on the visarjan day, the air was filled with Ganapati   bappa   moriya   pudhchya   varshi lavakar ya. The visarjan place was organised by Nahar Builders at Nectarfield Club.

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10th year Ganpati celebration in Panch Smruti

This year Panch Smruti Sarvajanik Ganesh Utsav Committee organized the 10th Ganesh Utsav Festival in the building from 13th September 2018 to 17th September 2018. Every day morning and evening aarti was done by the residents. After evening aarti, delicious bhog made by the Ladies Club was served to all devotees. On the fourth day, Satyanarayan katha/ puja was organized in the morning. Later in the evening, Bhajan Mandali was called specifically for the occasion and they sang devotional songs. It was an evening which the residents would remember for a long time. On the 5th day, the residents bid adieu to Bappa after Maha Aarti and Prasadam chanting “Ganpati bappa morya, pudhchya varshi lavkar ya”.


Innovative eco-friendly Ganesh Visarjan in Powai Park

Since last 2 years, under the leadership of Mrs. Surekha Kulkarni, Powai Park, has taken the Ganesh Visarjan eco-friendliness drive to another level. They have an idol created from five auspicious metals called as Panch Dhatu Murti, which is worshipped during the festival. The other bigger idol is made out of eco-friendly fiber. Following the final Puja, the metal idol is ritualistically immersed in a water bucket. After this, the idol is cleaned, wrapped in a red cloth and stored in their office along with the other idol. Then the same idols are worshipped next year. Post the immersion, the water from the bucket along with the flowers is offered to the trees.