Inside Story October 2018

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Powai leads in Durga Puja commitments
to a cause.

Though the Durga Puja festival is considered to date back to ancient times in the Hindu religion, the first historic documentation of such a celebration of the goddess is said to be available from the 1500s in West Bengal. The festival in Powai is considered to have gained a lot of prominence and have emerged to its current status as one of the city's largest festivals during the festive season. The goddess was considered by many to be an icon for the country and its freedom struggle, and following in the right footsteps our very own Powai Utsavs celebrate with a cause.

In its sixth year, Powai Sharadotsav (opposite Mangi)2018 will be curated around the theme of “Specially Abled People”. Ode to people who live a very challenging life as many often see their ‘disability’ as their ‘inability’. Powai Sharadotsav plans to focus on the abilities and achievements of these differently abled people so that the society comprehends the truth: it is the ability that matters. Eminent Artist from Indian Foot & Mouth Painting Association are showcasing their art, Musical Performance by Students of Victoria School of Blind Association, the famous Baul/Folk Singer Couple from Calcutta –  Gangadhar & Tulika on 14th Oct 2018 are some of the highlights. 
As for the Hindi Bollywood Artist, versatile playback singers Dev Negi & Nikita Gandhi will get the crowd swinging on 17th Sept followed by performance of Rajdeep Chatterjee on 18th Oct. Apart from these, there will be cultural programmes performed by the members of the Club, that have become a crowd puller to the Festivities.

Needless to say that Bengali Festivities is not complete without lip-smacking food.  Bhog Prasad Lunch will be distributed to  all visiting the pandal from the 16th – 18th Oct .

Meanwhile the Powai Bengali Welfare association PBWA will be hosting a puja theme which is Green Puja aiming to be totally eco friendly. Using all biodegradable products for structures like jute, bamboo, clay and mitti for decoration purposes, besides the use of rope, thread, cane items (beter jhuri), colored paper, cotton, fabrics and mainly with different types of plants, flowers to give a vibrant cool green look . Their Pandal will take you all the way back to show you a Bengali village  (Graam bangla) in Mumbai's concrete jungle. From 14th Panchami to 19th sept Dashami(Dasheraa) don't forget to experience West Bengal right here in Powai!

(Elsie Gabriel is an award winning post graduate certified Green Teacher and Environmental Law expert. With twenty years of writing experience she has travelled to remote corners of the earth researching, photographing, documenting facts that bind the threads of anthropological wonder. Powai runs in her veins)