Nirvana s Grain Donation Drive under Daan Utsav

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Continuing from where it left in the last year, Nirvana Musical Group has initiated Grain Collection Drive to help save malnourished children in Jawhar District where the official death toll is 254 in 2016 and 396 in 2017 (GoM Data)

This is the third consecutive year, Nirvana Group with the help of Powai based Swiss giant Mettler Toledo will collect and distribute the grains in the affected region.

Daan Utsav, popularly known as ‘Joy of giving week’ is celebrated all over the world wherein people donate to the weaker section of the society. The donations can be in any form; however, Nirvana works to support malnourished children hence prefer collecting grains to help the needy directly.

2500+ Kgs in 2016 and 11500+ Kgs in 2017 are the past collections made by the team with the help of Mettler Team and distributed the same amongst villagers mainly adivasis under the guidance of local Sarpanch and community heads.

Looking at the increasing support to this movement, from this year onwards, Nirvana has decided to collect grains from all over Mumbai and also segregate the collection in equal packets for easy, effective distribution.

We hereby appeal to all Powaikars to come forward and participate in this movement by contributing generously and helping in segregation of collected grains by registering their name with Ms. Supriya Dalela on +9198202 16047

Q What is Grain Collection Volunteer’s Role?
A.Volunteer's role is very basic and simple. You have to open your doors to collect grains donated by your friends, relatives and store them at your residence between 2nd and 8th October. After 10th October, a vehicle will come to collect the grains from your residence. That’s it!

Q What is Grain Segregation Volunteer’s Role?
A. The volunteers can come over to a designated place in Powai and help us segregating the grains collected from 10th to 17th October for minimum of 2 hrs a day. We will intimate the volunteers about the location during the course of time.

Once segregation is done, (say by 20th October) truck loads will leave for the destination on a Saturday/Sunday morning. We encourage donors /volunteers to join in to distribute the grains by their own hands especially through the hands of children.

We call upon like minded people to join us selflessly to help achieve this noble cause. We are also looking forward to expert knowledge (Volunteers) from packaging, logistics industry and someone who can write articles and handle media.

Dear friends, without your support this is not possible!

Feel free to get your queries answered, any time by calling Mr. Sanjay Rohida (Head of Grain Collection Drive) on +9198201 26044.