School News September 2018


“What Freedom means to me......”

A very apt theme for the school’s Independence Day Celebrations 2018 of 72 years of free India.

The HFS International, Powai students had celebrated the event with intense patriotic fervour and great enthusiasm. Among the many activities and competitions for the day, the IBDP students had an Independence Day Speech Competition on the above theme. The youngsters put forth a concentrated effort with as much energy and zeal.

Gist of the winning speeches:

“According to my opinion, to be independent is to be proud of your country and proud to say” I am an India. At the same time we should realize a vision of what our country can be if we inculcate certain values and attitudes such that people love their lives to the best of their abilities.”
                                                                                                  -Siddhant Moily

“To me freedom means more than just the basic definition that is written in the dictionary. How the definition of freedom is basic and how we can’t live without. My speech was also how, while we exercise our full rights, we respect the freedom of others.”
                                                                                                      - Aaryan Garg

“Freedom according to me means being able to follow my own belief system. When we allow someone to believe in what they want to, we achieve a certain level of opinion. Freedom of speech and religion are related to this belief system. Only if we believe in something, can we express it.”
                                                                                                           - Kartikeya Tripthi

“I believe that freedom is more than the condition of being free from restrictions and that it cannot be described in simple terms as this term contains many deep meanings. So I feel, freedom means o confidently live our day and be ourselves and it means having the ability to choose what your future will hols for you.”
                                                                                                             -Sanya Karnik

“My opinion about that the people post independence or the youth they don’t really know the value of freedom, they don’t really know the value of independence. I would like to quote from my speech , “ we spend a lot of times in our lives wishing that we were something other than what we are and I also talk about our ancestors who made a lot of sacrifices to liberate us from British empire.”
                                                                                                           -Aryan Sher

Head of School, Mrs Kalyani Patnaik as well delivered a strong message among the students.

She said it is indeed a day of joy to love and respect our country, much as we welcome open mindedness and internationalism and rise to global thinking.

She ended the day’s celebrations by quoting her take on freedom:- Save the Planet, Secure the future to Sustain this freedom that we enjoy...



Podar kids celebrate Independence Day

At Podar Jumbo Kids we celebrate Independence Day on 15th August; to celebrate our Independence, rights, and freedom but Independence also means responsibility.

At Podar Jumbo Kids we also believe in giving Independence to each child in all our Kindergartens where more than 45,000 kindergarteners will get a child-friendly environment to become responsible individuals.

It’s time to make our children realize that the Independence and freedom that they enjoy and take for granted has been possible because of their Grandparents’ generation. This special occasion “FOLLOWING IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF OUR GRANDPARENTS” will be used as an opportunity to help children not only maintain their freedom and their creativity while learning about their responsibility but also spending special moments with their Grandparents.

Grandparents and children played ‘Lagori’ together, danced with pom poms, solved crossword puzzles on freedom fighters, answering to riddles and quiz on our country India. All grandparents , parents and children came dressed as freedom fighters, in tri colour clothes and each teacher was dressed in a state’s traditional attire.

The CAIE Principal, Ms Suchita Malakar commented, “Always innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower, and we at Podar want our students to be a leader. For children have tremendous potential when it comes to inventing, all what we as teachers and parents need to do is facilitate their skills. This event is a platform for all my students to just freely express their ideas and apply their knowledge. ‘Technocrat ‘is a platform provided to our students to demonstrate their imagination with a blend of innovation and application of knowledge.“


Sanitary Pad Donation at S.A. Public School, Powai

The recent decision to exempt sanitary pads from GST is a welcome move by the government towards the fight for better menstrual hygiene for women.

Research shows that only 12 percent of the 497 million women in India have access to sanitary napkins and other menstrual hygiene products, while the rest are forced to use unsafe alternatives such as cloth, plastic, ash, sand, dried leaves, etc. The main reason being the cost of sanitary pads which is a recurring monthly expense is not affordable by many. Also it is very much essential to educate the young girls & women about menstrual hygiene.

To support this cause, the Health Club of Bunts Sangha's S.M. Shetty College of Science, Commerce and Management Studies took an unique initiative of collecting & distributing sanitary pads to the girl students of S.A. Public School which is a municipal school located at Tunga Village, Powai. The sanitary pads were the donation of the students of S.M. Shetty College.

Along with distributing sanitary pads, the students were educated about periods and personal hygiene by Asst. Prof. Himani Shukla. Principal of the school, Mrs. Jyoti Dasan welcomed the move & appreciated the efforts put forward by the Health Club of the college. Asst. Prof. Swati Shetty along with 10 volunteers of Health Club also participated in the activity.



Independence Day celebration

Today it was a moment of great pride when Podar - Cambridge, Powai , saw the young ones stand out when this eloquent and powerful words struck the chords of 'Today's India' woven into an array of topics ranging from 'if marriage was the ultimate' To 'Why I don't need to feel special when I work for my society'.

As Principal Ms. Suchita Malakar remarked, our young talent is immense, our students are outstanding. It is just that we need to let loose the passion in each of us and work towards a better tomorrow and that is our call of the day.