Local News September 2018


Third Jheel Ke Iss Paar (JKIP) poetry meet

The third JKIPon independence day reassured Powaikars of the strong desire of Hempushpak Arora (host) to oust the lack of literary gatherings culture from Powai circles. His vision of JKIP as a non commercial initiative in pursuit of serving literature and vehement dissuasion for monetary support deserves kudos.
Saffron clad Dr Wahid, played multiple roles on this occasion- coordinating to present the best urdu hindi poetic talent from Mumbai and being head of the event.

The anchor Mohsin Sahil, a poet himself, with a quirky sense of humour and uncanny knack to deliver quotes in Urdu Hindi and English cajoled the audience into lending their ears accompanied with thundering applause for the shaura (poets).  

Modesty and simplicity walked in personified with Shayar Moin Nazar, whose ghazals have been sung by none other than the ghazal maestros Ghulam ali and mehndi hasan saheb "itna toota hoon ki choone se bikhar jaoonga.....".

After the national anthem,  'Had se aage guzar gaye dushman dosti pur utar gaye dushman' set the tone for the eve followed by 'saaf suthra zindgi ka aaeena rakhiye' and a poignant thought on suicides by farmers - '.... ab jaa ke meri rooh se karza vasool kar, main to badan ki kaid se aazad ho gaya'. Raheja vihar's very own talented author Sowmya Putt shared the raison d'être of her new book "The invincible weapon".

And laughter indeed roared in the room with Satyadev Dubey rendering his golden advice to tortured husbands-'jab patnee jhagda kartee hai nain yoon vash mein kar leta hoon, sasural abhi bhag jaaonga main aisee dhamki deta hoon' Afsar Deccani with his powerful and musical rendition of words heavy with national pride flamed further the patriotic vigour.

Aslam sung his own written and composed  ghazal 'kisee gardish se wakif hum nahin the.....'

There is a special invitation for poets and authors of Marathi language also. A creative honcho in top TV channel will recite his published poetry work.

Next forum 2/9/18 3.30 PM  Whts app no.9892618127 Volunteers please come forward!


The myth of disability

Few years ago I was invited by a group of doctors of a hospital to conduct a workshop on Disability management. In his introductory note the CEO mentioned that all of us present here have mastery over our  surgical knives or many such specialised tools to treat our patient but we have very little knowledge about various aspects of Disability management.

And while concluding, he remarked "my God listening to the complexity of the Disability  and it's management I felt like watching an Alfred Hitchcock's spy movie! Though both the statements are vividly etched in my mind, which was then but today I am happy to say that there are good awareness about it and Powai is lot more accommodating caring and involved!

I consider it important to start with  what is Disability, and what is so special about its management which commands impartment of such detailed information," a disability is an impairment that maybe physical, mental, cognitive, communication, developmental, sensory or some combination of these conditions that impairs, interferes with, or limits a person's  ability to engage in certain tasks, actions or participation in typical daily activities and social interaction" it may be present from birth or occur during a person's lifetime. There is no cure but the quality of the person's life can be improved with various specialised models of therapies.

It is addressed under specific labels- Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation/illness, Learning Disabilities, Autism, Epilepsy, Speech-Hearing-visual Impairments, Muscular dystrophy to name a few. Most of the Disabilities mentioned, are also known by their umbrella terms and have several permutations too along with gradation - mild, moderate and severe.  

In simple words it's all about management of a child or a person who is totally/partially dependent on his/her daily needs or has difficulty in expressing himself has difficulty in socialising or has distorted perceptual functions etc. which interferes his full participation in daily living of any kind.

Identifying the extent of the damage and exact nature of Disability, involves a team of professionals i. e. Paediatric, Medical Specialists, Neurologist Speech and Audiologist, Special Educators, Psychologist, Physio/ Occupational Therapist. Optholmologist, pathological or radiological findings to name a few. Each one have their own check list and specific procedure for assessments and evaluation. Based on all the findings an appropriate diagnosis is established and accordingly a holistìc treatment or management plan is charted out. The programming and it's management  require highest order of professionalism, creativity, understanding, and patience.  Acceptance - Parental Familial and Social plays a key role in this situation.

Well.. today the scientific advancements and on going  research work worldwide  have made various aspects of understanding Disability and it's management  somehow easier. The world is not only acknowledging  their abilities as  educable, trainable or employable etc. celebrating their achievements in every field !

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              - Sujata Shrivastava


Independence Day Celebrations at Evening Glory

Evening Glory Co-Operative Housing Society, Raheja Vihar and Senior Citizens’ Association celebrated Independence Day on Wednesday 15th August 2018 at 10.00 a.m. on the grounds of the Society’s premises.

The get-together celebration was a beautiful symbiosis of the young, very young  and seniors. The colourful ambience of the premises energized the environment.  Evening  Glory  was dazzling with colours; Orange white and green. The Tricolor Flag was hoisted by President Rtn. Mr. Hanuman Tripathi along with children and members of Evening  Glory, members of Senior Citizens Association Raheja Vihar and distinguished Rotarians.

Young Devika gave a message  of Swatch Bharat,Use n Reuse Me. Devika said “Swatch Bharat is our promise to our Motherland. Keep your surroundings clean and free of garbage. We at evening Glory  pledge to keep  Mumbai, Plastic Free. USE  and Reuse is our mission. Join us and help us to succeed in our mission.” The children  echoed in one voice.."Hum Honge Kamyab". Sweets and samosas the spirit of the day was joyful and happy.



Hiranandani Keralite Association rises to help Kerala

The Hiranandani Keralite Association made a serious contribution to their brothers and sisters in Kerala. The members generously contributed a sum of Rs. 15 Lacs towards the CM's Distress Relief Fund.

It is learnt that Malayali Associations in Powai have cancelled the Onam celebrations and have decided to donate the money towards the relief of the flood victims. Indeed the wholehearted support by residents towards this noble cause is heartening.


The Rotary Club of Chandivali initiates host of activities

The Rotary Club of Chandivali (RCCM )did a series of activities leading up to Independence day.  Spreading its wings from the high-rise buildings of Chandivali to the by-lanes of Kurla and across the tribal village of Ganeshpuri, RCCM is leaving its footprints in various fields : Education (distributing notebooks) Caring Soles (an eco friendly initiative, providing footwear to children and adults from recycled sports shoes), Soft touch (care and support orphans and comforting the Baghbaans) and Infrastructure (a project in the pipeline for creating and building class rooms  and toilets in a Ganeshpuri school in the tribal inhabited area beyond Virar.

An initiative on women’s empowerment
On 5th August, a work shop on Self Defense and Counter Assault was organized under the expert guidance of trainers from WARDA (Women Against Rape and Domestic Abuse). About 60 ladies signed up for the workshop Jonquille- Jamaica CHS, Nahar Amrit Shakti.

Notebooks were distributed to over 100 students in a Municipal school Shivaji Mahajan English School in the Kurla - Kamani area. Books were distributed to kids studying in Logic Center, Powai.
Ganeshpuri school -

The RCCM team visited two schools with over 550 primarily tribal students; distributed note books to the students,  chappals donated by Greensole and umbrellas and raincoats as well. RCCM will construct 3 sheds to house more classrooms and Separate blocks of toilets for the boys and girls

For extending your helping hand to such humanitarian causes, kindly get in touch with Director Membership, Rtn Kunal Kaushal @ 98923 16600 or Secretary, RCCM Rtn Tonmoy Gope @ 98200 68774.