Nirvana September 2018

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Has it ever happened to you? You like some celeb on TV, wish that you got a chance to meet them and one day, you actually end up being face to face with that same celebrity! Well, this Nirvana, all the members got this experience when Sanjeevani Bhelande graciously accepted an invitation and came to grace the show.

Since last four years Nirvana has hosted a number of celebrity guests in their programs and this time when Sanjeevani accepted the invitation, the group was well prepared for her grand welcome. Shekhar Tiwari  anchored the ‘Roothna Manana theme show’ in his witty style keeping the mood light and vibrant.

The gorgeous lady in blue came and created an aura of positivity in the atmosphere since the moment she entered. Waiting patiently she cheered the singers. Once she took the mic, she was unstoppable! She started with ‘Jyotikalash Chhalke’ followed by ‘Ja Main Tose Nahi Bolun’ and the audiences were mesmerized! Her trademark silky voice just suited these iconic Lata numbers! She also sang her own Bollywood song with Nirvana member Abhay Daas. She also sang ‘Meerabai’ song from her own composition ‘Meera and Me’ where she has translated Meerabai’s Bhajans in English! Listening to ‘Jo Tum Todo Piya’ in its translated avatar showed how deeply Meerabai has impacted Sanjeevani as a person! During her presence, one could feel her genuineness, simplicity and thorough professional approach towards singing.

Talking about Nirvana’s experience, Sanjeevani Bhelande quipped, ‘’Right at the entrance I was greeted with a standee that had my picture and bio-data! My smile had commenced as I entered the hall! Oh my God! All four walls were flooded with 20 huge, colourful posters of me in various outfits. It was a stunning welcome! My smile had graduated to grins and giggles that refused to leave my face for the next two hours. A cool, confident Shekhar introduced me to the audience like a pro! One by one the singers came and sang their hearts out. I clapped, cheered and was enjoying myself thoroughly. The ladies looked graceful in crisp sarees. There was sincerity, passion and dedication in the air. Musstt rung jam gaya dekhte dekhte. On my turn, I rattled off some of my best songs. The audience was so receptive and tuned in that i was fully charged up and made most of the mouka. Besides the ego-high of being made to feel like an international star, what I valued most was the commitment with which each person contributed to make the event a success. The whole approach was one of wanting to learn and grow musically. Each one was there as if apne ghar ki shaadi ho. Nirvana is  a serious university where all learn everything from holding a microphone to bettering sur. Sanjay Rohida’s vision, direction, passion and leadership are exemplary.”

Sanjay announced about ‘Grain Collection under Daan Utsav for malnourished children dying in Jawhar Dist’ this year with a mighty target to collect 25-30000 Kgs of grains this year and told that more collection centres for this will be created for better execution of the project.

To garner support for Daan Utsav, Nirvana is hosting back to back programs on 6th & 7th Oct with fabulous themes. For any further information please contact Rajitha Khan on 9833743015