Diet September 2018

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4 healthy recipes with ‘Avocado’

In this issue, I have curated four recipes using avocado. Avocado is a fruit which is quite popular these days and it comes with immense health benefits as it’s dense with various nutrients. Since it’s bland and doesn’t have its own flavor as such, it easily blends into most recipes. I have tried to give a recipe for breakfast, salad, snack each.

Eggs and Avocado

2 – Boiled eggs, diced.
½ med – Avocado, diced.
1 tsp. – ghee
½ tsp. – black pepper powder.
1 tbsp. – mint leaves, chopped finely.
To taste – salt.
To taste – chilli/hot sauce (optional)

Combine the eggs and avocado in a bowl. Top it with the garnishes and enjoy a quick & healthy breakfast! Avocados are a source of good fiber, good quality fats apart from providing a lot of vitamins like vitamins C, K, folate etc. Eggs give the protein required and ghee rounds of with helping the absorption of vitamins as well as improving digestion.

Sweet Potato & Avocado Toasts

1 – Sweet potato, cut in thick slices.
¾ cup - Avocado
1 tsp. – ghee
2 tsp. – juice of lemon.
½ cup – tomato, small cubes
1 tbsp. – chia seeds, lightly roasted and pounded
To taste – salt
To taste – black pepper powder

Bake the cut slices of sweet potato at 350 F for about 25 minutes. In a bowl mix the avocado, ghee and lemon juice well into a smooth consistency. To this add the chopped tomato, salt, pepper, chia seeds and mix well.
Spread this mix on top of the roasted sweet potatoes and enjoy a healthy and innovative snack!
Sweet potatoes are a good source of fiber, anti-oxidants and the kind of fiber which helps in promoting healthy gut bacteria. Tomatoes and Lemon juice up the Vitamin C quotient of the meal. You can add more different veggies to this snack like zucchini, cucumber, red cabbage etc.

Avocado & Oats Chilla

1 med – Avocado, ripe
2 -3 tbsp. – Oats powder
Handful – Spinach leaves
½ cup – Hung curd
1 tsp. – Ginger paste.
2 tsps. – Green chili paste
To taste - Salt

In a blender add the scooped out avocado, oats powder, hung curd, spinach, ginger and green chili paste and seasonings. To this mix, adjust the water according the consistency you desire and give it a whiz. It tastes better as a thin crepe/chilla.
On a hot iron girdle, put a small ladle of the batter. Manipulate the girdle so that the batter spreads out evenly into a thin chilla. Sprinkle little oil around the edges. Remove when crisp. This can be served with a hung curd dip or green chutney.
Curd provides a boost of protein, calcium and probiotics while the spinach adds to the protein of the recipe as well as calcium, iron and fiber.

Roasted Chicken & Avocado Salad

½ cup – Avocado, diced.
1 cup – Roasted chicken, small pieces.
½ cup – corn, boiled
10 nos. – Cherry tomatoes, halved
½ cup – Onion, diced.
Seasonings to taste.
For Dressing:
2 tbsps. – Virgin Olive oil.
2 – 3 tsps. – Lemon juice/ Black currant vinegar.
1 tbsp. – Mint leaves, chopped finely.
1 tbsp. – Cilantro, Chopped finely.
1 tsp. – black pepper powder.
1 tsp. – red chili flakes.
To taste – Salt.
In a jar add the oil, lemon juice/vinegar, mint leaves, cilantro and the seasonings and whisk it well. In large bowl mix all the ingredients and drizzle the dressing on top. Mix well and refrigerate.
Serve Cold!
The chicken gives good quality protein to the meal and the corn adds a healthy dose of fiber. The tomatoes, mint leaves and cilantro add a boost of vitamin C to the meal while Olive oil adds more healthy fats.

Reader Question:
Hello Ma’am, read your article in the last issue and I wanted to thank you for making us aware about our rights and informing about who would be the correct person to consult. I wanted to know whether Vegan diets are healthy?

- Mr. S.Pillai.

Hello Mr. Pillai, I am glad I could help spread awareness on a very important and critical issue facing us today.
Vegan diets are ones which eliminate non vegetarian food items like meat, seafood, eggs, dairy and dairy products from the diet. The idea is to eat more plant based, whole grain foods. It is healthy if followed correctly but there are chances of nutrient deficiencies as well. There are many scenarios that need to be taken into consideration before going on one.

As always I would say, please consult a qualified nutritionist near you so that she can assess your health and requirements and based on that help you decide.

We at My Powai are now taking our reader’s queries related to Diet & Nutrition, which Ms. Nisha Singh will reply to in our forthcoming issues.

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