Shoulder Injection relieves months of disabling shoulder pain in a 40-year lady

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What was the patient’s complaint?
The patient was 40 years old with shoulder pain and stiffness for many months with no relief from physiotherapy and steroid injection in the shoulder joint.

What was the patient’s diagnosis?
The diagnosis as suggested by many Orthopaedic surgeons and physiotherapists was frozen shoulder, which is actually a misnomer. There is nothing “frozen is inside the shoulder”.

What was the basic problem?
The basic problem lies in the envelope or the covering of the shoulder joint called the shoulder joint capsule, which gets inflamed, and then fibrosed giving rise to a limitation of movements and disabling pain.

How was it solved?
Though the basic treatment is by exercises, however the shoulder pain limits the capacity of the patient to carry out these exercises. Hence we injected the mix of certain injections which are anti-inflammatory, under c-arm control, inside the shoulder which helped relieve the patient of her shoulder pain within 7-14 days and then she was able todo these exercises very efficiently leading to a faster recovery within few weeks.
Are there any side effects and is the injection painful?
The injection is NOT at all painful and there have been no side effects observed except a certain allergy, which is observed in less than 1 in 10,000 individuals.

Is the treatment expensive?
The injection is very inexpensive and the exercises need to be done at home only

Is surgery needed for this problem?
Surgery is not needed for this condition and it is perfectly treatable by a combination of injection and exercises

Why does it happen?
Various factors may be responsible for e.g. Diabetes, thyroid problem, minor pull or injury, a recent surgery elsewhere etc.

What if it is not treated?
If left untreated, it usually takes many years and may not resolve completely.

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