Experiencing the divine with-in and outside on 4th International Yoga Day

1st of June, the longest day in northern hemisphere is gaining consistent popularity around the world since the UN declared it as the International Yoga Day. Harmony & peace was the theme for 4th International Yoga Day. 

From time immemorial, this day has held great significance in civilisations around the world, right from Mayan to Egyptian. In today’s times, the spiritualists & wellness enthusiasts around the world celebrate sun’s glory with yoga on the summer solstice to experience the divine within and outside.

Powai residents experienced a remarkable yoga camp under the able guidance of Shri Deepak Parmar, who has trained innumerable yoga seekers over the last 3 decades. The event was designed by the Yogi Divine Society, Powai & executed with the support of Jalaja Foundation, spearheaded by Adv. Jayprakash Shetty. The camp was held in the tranquil setting of Megarugas Hall, Chandivali. The divine blessings of Swaminarayan temple spiritual heads Shri Bharatbhai and Vashibhai, enabled hundreds of people, from school going youngsters to senior citizens, experience the depth of yoga. 

Pain management & hypertension, that have become rampant today due to the demands of strenuous lifestyle, was the focus of the program. The attendees learnt about the types of pain, their causes and the holistic yogic solutions to manage and eradicate them. 

Guided by trained teachers, children understood Suryanamaskar’s potential as a complete personality development tool. ‘Aasanas’ in sitting, supine and prone positions were taught in detail. No yoga session is complete without ‘pranayama’- the yogic technique of breath management and meditation. Everyone present, experienced the amazing potential of breath and its direct connection with the mind. The meditative ‘yoga nidra’ in between the sessions, rejuvenated everyone.

Children from SK Public School & Eden School attended the program and took away with them the ancient wisdom of holistic wellness. 

Mr. Santosh Kelkar, Chairman Jan Kalyan Bank and General Secretary, BJP North Central District & Rani Dwivedi VP, Mumbai BJP from Youth affairs and Sports ministry were some of the dignitaries who graced the occasion. Powai Police Station was represented by Police Inspector Shri. Balwant Deshmukh, who encouraged people to dedicate sometime in the day towards yoga practice. 

Participants enjoyed the sumptuous snacks sponsored by Trupti Farsaan and left energised with the healing power of Yoga.


Nahar Senior Citizens’ Welfare Association celebrated International Day of Yoga

NSCWA celebrated organised  Yoga meet to celebrate International day of Yoga on June 21 at Nahar International School for the second year in succession. Apart from Senior citizens, residents of Nahar Amrit Shakti also participated. 

Yoga Guru Kusum Sharma conducted the program. She explained significance of each asana, its benefits with specific reference to senior citizens. Volunteers who are students of Kusum Sharma  demonstrated each asana. Participants performed them enthusiastically. She also explained the purpose of each mudra and Kriya and encouraged participants to do the same. In his address to the participants, Mr. Sarangapani, President of NSCWA, mentioned that age cannot be a barrier for performing asanas. He cited an example of Mrs. Nanammal, a recipient of Padma shree, who even at the age of 99 not only performs yoga but also teaches.  He also appreciated Kusum sharma for conducting free yoga classes for senior citizens thereby carrying out her personal social responsibility.  Mr. Makwana made the participants to enjoy Zumba with great fervour.


Gopal Sharma Memorial School celebrates International Yoga day


Residents of Jal Vayu Vihar on International Yoga day