NGO celebrates World Environment Day

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Nisarg Swasthya Sansthan, a NGO working for health of the people and cleanliness of Powai is continuously striving hard with a noble thought of APNE LIYE JIYE TO KYA JIYE. 

On 5th June 2018, Nisarg Swasthya Sansthan celebrated World Environment Day. 350 members of the NGO accompanied by residents of Powai carried out a mass tree plantation and cleanliness drive along Powai lake. They planted 150 coconut trees, roses, hibiscus, mogra on the lake front. On completion of the activity each member took an oath that they will protect the plants like their children and that each of them will grow at least 5 trees before they leave the world.

The activity started almost a week ago when members started cleaning the garbage around Powai lake and preparing pits for tree plantation. They were suitably rewarded for their efforts by Mother Nisarg with rain that encouraged everyone to plant more trees.  

Shri Sunil Lamba, the founder of Nisarg Swasthya Sansthan told that in the last two years they have converted 5 concrete and garbage filled road dividers in the Powai area into beautiful green and flowery zones. Next they want to convert the garbage corners of Powai in to beautiful green corners. He has requested all the residents of Powai to come forward in turning Powai into the most beautiful and green area of Mumbai. Nisarg Swasthya Sansthan, a pride of Powai has shown the true sense of celebration of World Environment Day.

The NGO also conducts yoga sessions everyday between 7 am and 8:30 am in Nisarg Udhyan, Powai - a beautiful park in Powai lake. 

They have developed an interesting concept that is on every Friday every member has to do Nisarg Seva. It’s one hour cleanliness drive around Powai Lake, where members cleans the garbage dumped by public and look after and water the plants. This Nisarg Seva of one hour on every Friday is mandatory for every member as a fee to the NGO and is treated as ‘Gurudakshina’ to Mother Nisarg, which they consider as their Guru.

Nisarg Swasthya Sansthan, Powai also celebrated Yoga week from 18th June to 23 June. More than 400 children were taught yoga, pranayam, aasans and mudras.