Powai boy creates historycompletes

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Siddhanth Biswas 12 yr old boy, a resident of Nahar’s Amrit Shakti and Grade 6 student of Hiranandani Foundation School completed the summit of Thorong La pass at 5416 (17,769 ft) meters above sea level in the Annapurna circuit range of Nepal  with his mother, Disha Shrivastava. Thorong La is the highest point on the Annapurna Circuit, a 300 km (190 mi) route around the Annapurna mountain range.

Siddhanth is the youngest Indian climber as per Nepal trekking history to have completed this summit. 

It has been an enthralling experience for him. He says, initially he was anxious, scared and doubtful of the attempt but with constant support and guidance from his mother he gained a lot of confidence.

He said, it was terrific to meet a lot of fellow trekkers from other countries, and it was also excellent when everyone was amazed at his attempt. At every stop, he had fellow trekkers enquiring about his age and then congratulating him to gradually making it to the top.

He had never seen snow ever before and walked through the snow was a lovely experience. On the final day of the summit, they started the walk at 4 am. First, they had to climb an almost vertical hill and then from the higher camp across the pass. The pass was wide and covered with snow. They had to walk in knee deep snow and under crosswinds. Winds chaffed their skin, and the bright sun burned it. But when they finally reached the top, Siddhanth says that he was on cloud nine and couldn't believe that he made it.

The mountains which were scaring him initially, he was standing on top of them. At the age of 12 he says ,“let life surprise you”.

It is essential to move out of our comfort zone and be with nature; it teaches you the best lessons. On this 15 day trek, with no mobile connectivity, food getting bad to worse and expensive too as they gained elevation, no water, extreme weather conditions it was incredible to see what a human mind can do. Fighting all odds, he succeeded in reaching the top.

He said he is grateful to his school for allowing him absenteeism of 15 days for the trek. Learning beyond the classroom is crucial. His father and younger brother supported him mentally throughout the trek which gave him a lot of push.

Its just a beginning and I am set to go to higher altitudes now – he says.