Achieving goals Eldora CHS Way

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Twelve years on – a ‘Taa’p or tapasya’ as is the saying amongst Hindus the Eldora Cooperative Housing society (CHS) has achieved the most difficult goal – that of ‘garbage segregation’. The management with the help of an NGO held talks for the members and their domestic help. The literature was distributed to explain the different categories of garbage viz white for dry waste, lack for wet kitchen waste and green for bio waste. Besides a separate bin was kept for ‘e-waste’.

The NGO handed over the task to the society after a month giving little note to members who had not segregated the garbage as per the rules. The society kept its own rules and even decided to fine the defaulters in order to make ‘a garbage free society’. A recent development of installing a compost making machine made the goal reach to great heights. Eventually they offered the compost to its residents for their use. The gardens in the process would flourish with the produce viz flowers and vegetables.

The society is also known to make it ‘go green’ by calling newspaper vendors who exchanged cloth bags with newspaper. 
The society does a community service as well by teaching the students of an NGO, distributing delicious snacks as midday meals. In addition, the society encourages its residents to participate for social causes like no hawking zones, street lights, illegal parking etc.

The society organizes cultural programmes on festivals like Lori, Holi, Garba and Diwali where the food is lip smacking. To inculcate patriotism in children it holds Independence and Republic day celebrations.

Moreover the society holds ‘Fetes’ where in the residents put up stalls to showcase their culinary skills and business acumen by selling goods and having games, treasure hunt etc. 

The majestic building stands on a hill in Powai with a red crown and a birds eye view from far away suburbs of Mumbai .

The office bearers of Eldora are President Mr. AnupamDey and Secretary Mr. Sunil Rustagi. 

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