Are You At Health Risk??? June 2018

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Acidity is one of the most common complaints seen in both men and women. Raju 65 yrs visited our clinic for the Preventive Health Analysis (3D Scan). The comprehensive health analysis revealed that one of his major concerns was high acidity and the related problems.
Sonali 53 yrs, who visited our clinic also noticed a similar problem in the fluid distribution of the body. Most of the working class women don’t drink enough water required for the body. In both the cases they have to change their life style to improve their health.  
Acidity, affects our overall health as well as the normal metabolism of the body.  It is also affects   weight loss efforts.   
Excess of body acidity is due to poor diet, improper exercise and chronic stress.  When our body becomes acidic, minerals such as potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium will be taken from our bones and vital organs. This causes risks like:  
l High Blood Pressure l Inflammation 
l Immunity loss l Diabetes & Obesity 
l Bladder and Kidney problems including stones. l Premature aging l Joint pain & aching muscles l Osteoporosis & brittle bones l Low energy & fatigue l Indigestion l Constipation l Mood swings & Hormonal problems 

Acidity decreases your body’s ability to absorb the vitamins and minerals from your foods and supplements. It interferes with your ability to detoxify. 
By nature our body is alkaline No matter what type of therapy you choose to treat your conditions; result will not be achieved until your pH balance is restored.
3D Body Scan is an effective tool to check the overall compositions of the body like Acidity and Alkaline nature.  We can observe the exact root causes for the body problems at an earlier stage and we can avoid future complications. 

What is 3D Body Scan? This Scanner is one of the most powerful risk-assessment tools currently available. It is designed to give the patient a detailed assessment of their overall health including a risk-assessment of various diseases and conditions.  

Advantages: It is safe and non-invasive. No harm to the human body from any kind of radiation as X-ray, CT Scan etc.  No piercing of the skin, no blood or urine samples required, no previous history required, no undressing and reports are immediately available.

The Outcome: We can get information such as:# Risk levels of  Acidity, Vertebral problems, Diabetes, Thyroid problems, Prostate Problems, Heart diseases, Cholesterol, Hepatitis, Digestive Disorders,   ANS issues and many more.  
# Body Composition factors that rank your health, and guides a healthy life style. 
By watching these trends, and with an experience of over 12,000 scans, we can make better recommendations for your health, modifying treatments or referring to other specialists if needed. This scan will give the patient a clear cut idea whether or not to go for further clinical tests, thereby saving time, money, and worry.

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Prevention is Better than Cure