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Conservation and Harvesting
of Water in Powai

With more and more areas in our country struggling with droughts, conserving water is more important than ever here in Maharashtra. Even if you’re not living in a drought-stricken region, cutting back at least a little on water use helps conserve a precious resource.

Whether you’re ready to cut back on your long showers or use your washing machines on a weekly basis, replace your lawn with water-wise plants, there are lots of big and small ways that you can conserve water around the home. Don’t worry if you can’t do everything all at once to save water but we can try to spread awareness while we make a start.  Just pick a few means to initiate  with among household members , and do more as you can.

Immediately report a water  pipe burst happening in a public place if you happen to see one out of control. The local BMC ward should be able to come to fix it. 
l Mend all leakages in the housing societies and personal flats or bungalows. Every drop leads to wastage. 
l Reuse Grey water to wash cars in the parking lot, inform residents if they are OK with that. Grey water can also be used in Gardens. 
l Educate the house help about closing taps while hand washing utensils for long periods of time. 
l Get the housing society management together to see how a RWH ie rain water harvesting could help your building consumption. 

May be a run off collection system at ground level could collect rainwater after filtration in the additional bore wells. 

Working together with the civic authorities to ensure that your local water tanks underground or lakes meant for drinking water do not have any unsafe sewage systems in the vicinity which can pollute the quality of your water resources. Don't forget how far some of our villagers have to walk to get few gallons of water daily specially during the summer months. Maybe years to come households will be charged for Water through water meters individually , meanwhile cherish the water that flows in your taps. Imagine, looking at a satellite photo of our mostly blue Earth, it’s hard to believe that dwellers on our planet could ever worry about water. And yet more than two billion people live in regions that are “water stressed,” where, according to the United Nations Environment Programme’s definition, “the demand for water exceeds the available amount during a certain period or when poor quality restricts its use.”

Powai is surrounded by Hills, if your complex can capture some of the gushing  rain water flowing down incessantly,  in the coming months, not only will you have done your bit to save our planet but you would surely do justice to the free flowing gift of life, the element of water. 

(Elsie Gabriel is an award winning post graduate certified Green Teacher and Environmental Law expert. With twenty years of writing experience she has travelled to remote corners of the earth researching, photographing, documenting facts that bind the threads of anthropological wonder. Powai runs in her veins)