School News May 2018

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Graduation Day Jubilation

IT was a very special day for the students of Grade V Podar International School CIE . With great pride, students celebrated and cheered on this day rejoicing the many accomplishments that they have achieved under the support and guidance of their Principal Mrs. Suchita Malakar. It was a celebration of warm memories of past and big dreams for the future. Students were very excited as they dressed themselves with flowing robes, sashes and scrolls as they embarked on their new journey of secondary school education.

Students thanked their teachers for being an integral part of their educational journey. Teachers awarded titles and certificates to honour the young graduates   coupled with a heart touching video of their memories of school days. Graduation dance was the highlight of the day when the students throw their caps high, aiming the sky to display their ambition.

It was an overall overwhelming experience for teachers and parents to witness the event with a thought that “Every End Has a New Beginning,” and for the students to understand that Graduation is not the end but the beginning of a more responsible life.