Nirvana May 2018

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Grand Finale - An evening to remember.


Realising the potential talent of members and noting the dedication of members, founder Sanjay Rohida had confidently envisaged that many Nirvana singers will be chosen to sing in various professional shows all over Mumbai. Hence as a strategy he decided to hold the finale program at a bigger platform - Nahar auditorium to give a first hand big stage experience to the singers. The strategy has worked out well and now many Nirvana singers sing at various shows armed with confidence. The grand finale of season 3 for group B was held at the same venue and the members rose to the occasion with aplomb!

The two gracious hosts Archana Rao and Vishaka Saneja were a sight to behold, dressed to perfection. They came up with the brilliant idea of having each member reveal his/her most memorable Nirvana moment/experience.  Anupama Gupta who had set the stage open with her melodious rendition of prayer song evoked laughter amongst all present when she confessed that Nirvana gave her occasions to buy and flaunt new sarees in style. Kalika Batra after her rendition of Maine Payal Kyon Chhankayee, touched an emotional chord, as she revealed that she had regained a strong sense of individuality through Nirvana. For Shekar Tiwari, it was the joy of sharing the stage with his talented daughter Shivangi, as was evident when they sang Aaj ki Raat.

With such positive emotions in the air the program was bound to be a hit. The much publicized ‘Gehna’ theme had members giving noteworthy performances on songs bearing ornament names. Sanjay Ji’s Pag Ghoonghru and Jhooth Bole Kauwa Kaate with Anupama Gupta also received a rousing applause. Hit duet Jodi Abhay Daas and Arti Gadgil yet again nailed it with Afreen song while Samina Sheikh truly justified Mere Haathon Mein. And when joined by Siddharth Kubde,(voice of S.P Balasubramaniam), it was sheer magic on display with their song Tumse Jo Dekhte Hi. Jayesh Sawant and Madhura Vartak’s song from Khuda Gawah, Supriya Dalela and Ashok Gupta’s rendition of Laagee Chute Na were also well received among duets.Vinita Sawant, Kunal Kaushal, Sanjeev Dhar, Sanjeev Kumar, Taruna Rajkumar, Vishnu Pratap all were fantastic. 

But amidst this feeling of joy of entering a new season, there was also the pain of separation. Singer Sonali Misra who has been a loyal Group B member since inception and is known in the group for her warm personality, powerful voice and impactful delivery of songs, leaves behind a void as she relocates to Lucknow. On a parting note she said, “Here at Nirvana I had a beautiful musical journey. This platform gave me many happy and elated moments. As an amateur singer I feel that Nirvana has given wings to my passion for music. It is a great group of like minded people and it has lot of potential to scale new heights and evolve as one of the best groups in Mumbai.”

For further enquiries and membership details, please contact, Rajitha Khan, Group Coordinator on 9833743015..