May 2018

Pellentesque erat arcu

Aries: (March 20 - April 18)  You will be more energetic, ambitious and desirous of new heights in life. You will not be satisfied with present levels of professional success and will experiment with new domains. The native will meet higher level functionaries in government and corporate sector and will get favorable responses. Love life is on ascendance and few journeys are expected this month. You may be on purchasing drive this month which may go over budget so be cautious on expenditure front. Health will remain fabulous.  

Taurus: (April 19 – May 19)  The month may begin with some stress but by 2nd week of month you will be at your witty best to deal with challenges. This period is of ascendance, launching of new projects and some outstanding successes in professional domains. Since you have worked hard in past months, the results will be there to be seen by people. Litigations may be sorted out of court. Don’t over analyze the life situations. Relationships will bloom. Health needs some caution. Short distance journeys are indicated.
Gemini: (May 20 – June 20) You are quick to respond to the given situations but you are cautioned to deliberate on issues before you reach a final decisions. Few decisions may boomerang on you. Be extra cautious before entering into any business partnerships. You are blessed with some rare insights and it’s time to use them now. There will be thrill in love and relationships. Those seeking alliance will get them. Long journeys to some exotic locales are indicated. Health will be fine. Youngsters will have fun time. 

Cancer: (June 21 – July 21) it is time to review and revise your future goals. Be more practical on professional issues as any hurried decision may bring losses. New opportunities may knock your door sooner than later. This month you will spend lots of quality time with your family and it will be fun filled month for you. Love and relationships will bloom. Short distance journeys for some family festivities are indicated. Health will be in pink but periodical health checks should not be avoided. It is fun time for youngsters. 

Leo: (July 22 – August 21) –This month will bring some fantastic returns on your past investments. However you are cautioned that you may swing to extremes in your professional domain this month. It is important for you to protect your personal interests as your enemies may try to inflict some damages on you. If you think that someone is not honest to you then follow your gut feelings. Love and relationships will be smooth and those seeking alliances will get it. Heath will be good and short distance journeys are indicated. 

Virgo: (August 22 – September 21) You will be recognized for your honest efforts and may be rewarded with promotions, financial incentives and official recognitions. This month will set the direction of your rest of the year so you need to take some calibrated decision in personal and professional life. You need to say no if needed to people to avoid any future embarrassments. Emotional relationships will be exciting and full of thrills. Trust your inner voice.  Health will need some caution. Short distance journeys to some exotic locations are indicated. 

Libra: (September 22 – October 22) You should be extremely guarded this month as far as investments are concerned. It will be good if investments are made in home and a vehicle. Avoid investments in stocks. You are also experiencing some big changes in your life both in personal and professional filed. Some of these changes may bring pain however your positive attitude will keep you in good spirits. Some pains are also seen in love and relationships so be cautious on that front too. Health will be just fine. Some short distance sudden journeys are indicated. 

Scorpio: (October 23 – November 20)  The extremely hectic work phase continue unabated in your life. It is a tiring daily routine which is causing uneasiness and health stresses. It is time to look back and do introspection. In a ways it is a month of course correction too. Some of the recent professional issues are troubling you. It is advised that you finish off old projects before venturing into new ones. Personal life however will be solace and relationships will bloom. Health will need caution. Few journeys are indicated. 

Sagittarius:(November 21 – Dec 20)  You will likely to enter into some unchartered territories this month in professional domains. It will be month of positive, productive and pleasant collaborations and associations. Stay calm and focused on professional issues and you will reap few fabulous dividends this month. Your communication will be strong and effective. Native  may be romantically inclined this month as it is favorable month for love and relationships and growing fondness for loved ones. Health may need some caution. Some journeys are indicated. 

Capricorn: (December 21 – January 19) You have extraordinary ability to work on inner details of projects being undertaken by you. You are on upward spiral for some time and your money, status, name and fame are well deserved. Your hard work of months is being acknowledged by people in personal and professional fields. However you need to spare quality time for family and friends. You are planning a long distance exotic journey and it will take shape this month. Relationships will bloom and health will be good. 

Aquarius: (January 20 – February 18)  You can wait for some outstanding news on professional front. Your projects will attract creative appreciation. Beware of losing sight of your set goals however you will push new boundaries for yourself. You have good skills and attitude to write a good book on a fiction or non-fiction subject. Follow your intuitions. Love and Relationships will bloom and those seeking alliances will get them. Health will need some checks. Short distance journeys are indicated. Youngsters will have fun this month.  

Pisces: (February 19 – March 19) Lots of things that happened in past few months have not gone your way but that’s should not become a cause for quitting in between. You have the courage and resolve to deal with challenges emerging from personal and professional fields. In long run your idea will be accepted. You need to opt for meditation and yoga to keep yourself fit. It is merrymaking time in love and relationships. Health will be good but don’t avoid periodical health checks. Few short distance journeys are indicated. 

Dinesh K Vohra is an acclaimed Powai based Vedic Astrologer, Numerologist, Lecher Antenna based superior Bio-Energetic Healing, Vastu & Earth Energy (Bhumi Dosh) Expert. He is also a reputed Management Speaker and Author. He can be contacted at 9820663570/