Local News April 2018


Lifestyle to prevent arthritis pain 

The greatest wealth is Health. Your joints are the connections between your bones that allow you to move. Our bones, as we age its common for our joints to start to wear, tear and cause conditions like Ostoarthritis, a degenerative joint disease that affects over a third of adults age 60 and older. Or, overusing a particular joint throughout our lives can also result in pain and lead to restricted joint movement.

Obesity is one of the major risks of developing OA, In fact, research has shown that with each extra pound we gain, a person puts four times more stress to their knees. This is a reason why total knee replacement is common in older adults who are overweight.
It’s never too late to start making lifestyle changes that can improve your quality of life.

Exercise Daily. 
Advance Physiotherapy exercises on a daily basis will keep your muscles, ligaments & bones strong & stable. “Your body loves You, Love it back”. Our celebrity physiotherapist Dr. Ishwaree Deshmukh say that correct exercises will actually decrease your pain as inflammation in your joints is reduced. Also, it very important to know about correct posture while exercising, correct walking pattern to prevent further damage of soft tissues and and bones of particular joint.

Choose Healthy Diet. 
Healthy diet helps you lose weight, some food choices can even reduce joint pain. “We are what we ear” and our MIND has to make a wise choice.

Take the right supplements. 
Make sure you talk to a physician first before adding calcium medicines.