Women Achievers Awards by Young Environmentalists. 


Former Miss India Dr. Swaroop Sampat Rawal, Rachel Kurien, Celebrity lawyer Abha Singh, Actress Tanaz Irani, RJ Malishka Mendonsa, Educationist Aruna Agarwal,  Dr. Ishwaree Deshmukh, Zeba Kohli, Artist Sunita Krishna, Healing Therapist Shambhavi Chhugani, Dancer Moli Siddharth, Komal Udhwani, Teena Singh, Sonalee Kulkarni, Sangita Nambiar, Ulka Gupta, Kaushiki Singh, Sangeeta Shetty, Ninu Attara, Nandita Puri inaugurated the Women's Achievers Awards by Young Environmentalists in association with  Rodas Ecotel Hiranandani Powai Mumbai. The felicitations were honoured by the Hungarian Diplomatic community Mr. Andras and Mrs. Ildiko. 

Said Celebrity Lawyer Abha Singh, '' We are honoured to recognize  women, who work hard to excel and create a ripple effect uplifting others. Women must know their rights and help other women find justice . '' Womens Achievers Awards by Young Environmentalists at Rodas Ecotel Powai also resurrected the ancient Nangeli episode, woman who defied the Breast Tax during the Travancore Era in Kerala. 'Brave women sowed the seeds of liberation years ago, we must fight for gender equality through various mediums. Painting the powerful mission of our ancestors of yesteryears was very insightful, said Dr. Soni Kala the artist who painted the Nangeli episode on canvas. 

Over 300 people gathered to Honour and Award over 25 awardees and launch the book Naari Dasha Aur Disha by lawyer Abha Singh. The Young Environmentalists Programme has been educating and empowering community and youth about climate change with training from former Vice President of USA AL Gore. 

                                                                                                                        - Tanya Satish 


Podar celebrates Women’s Day

8 March 2018,Podar International School, CIE, Powai, celebrated the International Women’s Day opulently for their women staff. 

An awareness orientation on increased risk of Breast and Cervical Cancer in women was organised. This was conducted by Dr. Namita Pandey, a visiting consultant Breast-Onco Surgeon at Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital, Powai.

The workshop created awareness on cautiously taking care of one’s diet and exercise in day to day life. It also dealt with facts responsible for increase in such diseases in woman in recent times especially in metro cities. Also the required examinations that women need to take up as a precaution against breast and cervical cancer was addressed.

Followed by this was a scrumptious food counter for the ladies arranged by the Administration Team and each of the lady staff was greeted with a formal salute and a pretty rose.

There was a cake cutting and then the ladies displayed their talent, in a talent hunt competition. 

The celebration of the day ended with Mrs. Suchita Malakar, Prinicpal, Podar International School, CIE, Powai appreciating her ladies staff including the didis. She said, “ It is worth appreciating all the efforts that you all take to come out of the house, work and build your own identity !!”

The spirit of womanhood was manifested in the school premises by all the ladies following a vibrant, red colour dress code for the day. 


Raheja Vihar Senior Citizens’ Association  
celebrates WOMEN’S DAY - 2018


International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8th. Senior Citizens’ Association Raheja Vihar celebrated this day on Sunday 11th March 2018. Senior Citizens’ Association held its twelfth International Women’s Day in the Club House, Raheja Vihar. 

The celebration meaningfully included not just women but gentlemen too. This day has become simply an occasion for men to express their love and respect to women. A large congregation of sprightly, lively and fun loving women and men got together at the Club House, Raheja Vihar. By six in the evening, the Club House was a sea of beautiful ladies draped in colorful saris and dresses. Greetings and smiles were being exchanged. Some were looking out for friends and some acquaintances had made friends. Raheja Vihar boasts of its respected educated and accomplished womenfolk. There were housewives, entrepreneurs, teachers, dress makers, beauticians,  doctors and cuisine experts.  It was a beautiful symbiosis of talent and achievements. The evening was dedicated to all these women, young and old who faced hardships and overcame the challenges with their inner formidable strengths. Rekha Vijayakar welcomed the guests to the celebration event. 

Dr. Rahul Rane an Orthopedic Surgeon and Dr. Archana Rane, Physio Therapist addressed the members and offered their service in orthopedics and physiotherapy. Mrs. Neelam Podar offered her services in IT technology to the senior members.

The fun loving participants were ready for play time. An interesting game for the men ‘saree folding’ called for laughter and cheers from the ladies. Then followed games like ‘Guess the weight’ ‘I want’ ..aroused the juvenile game spirit amongst the elders. It was an occasion to appreciate women, the epitome of tenderness and care. 
Thus each and every woman present was felicitated. At the call of the name, women came forward to get their awards. Some shy, some confident, some hesitant but all extremely happy, went back to their seats as achievers. The aroma of food was inviting. The sumptuous meal was further a ground for socializing. Thus the evening concluded on a happy note ….Happy Women’s Day!!!