Community Birthday Havan completes 2 years

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In today’s times with working Parents and nuclear families many times children miss out on exposure to traditional Indian/ Vedic knowledge. With idea of being a catalyst to introduce Havan to kids  we launched community ‘birthday havan’ in March 2016. Parents can register online for any month in advance by logging on to the non-profit website This is a new initiative by which Parents can add value  to their Children’s Birthday.

The main purpose is to celebrate the Birthday as per the Vedic Tradition- by performing the Aayusha Havan, at the Temple. All children are invited for Birthday Havan on first Sunday of the birthday month, to the Temple along with their Parents & Grandparents. We had started this for children and later opened this for all ages.

On March 2018  Community Birthday Havan will complete two years of this unique Birthday Gift. We are conducting ‘Birthday Havan’ at ‘Sri Ayyappa Vishnu Temple’, Hiranandani Powai. The website organisers are very thankful of the Trustees of the Ayyappa Vishnu Temple for doing this Havan without any profit to the Temple. It is now being launched at “Durga Parmeshwari Temple” at Ghatkopar east on March 4th, 2018.

There is no fee to participate/celebrate at ‘Birthday Havan’, it’s only Blessings.