On - Second Chances

Pellentesque erat arcu

when all energies are spent and you are on your last leg figuratively and literally suddenly sometimes a ray of hope emerges, a silver lining around a dark cloud- A SECOND CHANCE. 

All have us have seen it all around within our families, friends or just random stories we have heard or read about. Second chances or opportunities are no short of miracles that sometimes we need to recognise, seize (grab), put it to the best use. I personally feel life gives most of us a second chance but only a few of us manage to seize and enjoy the moment. It is given to us in almost all areas where we need them; be it love, health, relationships, job, education and beliefs. We are given a chance to salvage, re-think, re-work nd re-strategise.  

A cousin of mine was in his mid forties, single and successful. Somehow marriage had eluded him and he had come to terms with a lonely life ahead. Suddenly he met a widow and they just clicked and after a lot of deliberation started living together (no marriage was a mutual decision). They just completed 4 years of happiness and are going strong. Call it fate, destiny or just a Second Chance  

Yet another very close friend was in a bad abusive marriage, she thought her situation would never change and she was doomed to live like that, again suddenly she got an opportunity to settle her divorce quickly in an amicable way. She was a free bird. She still can't believe that she could have  been so lucky. It was her SECOND CHANCE at happiness and peace.

'Dying to be me' is a beautiful book by Anita Moorjani, it's all about amazing second chances. She was in the last stage of cancer and her organs were shutting down  and whilst she's reconciled with death a series of miracles occur and she gets a new lease of life that was nothing short of magic.
We have seen, read or heard, even experienced many such miracles . It's all about keeping the faith, but sometimes the best of people in the worse of situations DO NOT get any chances, second or otherwise. There is no logical reason for this. In fact they are  tried out at every stage with no mercy thrown in. Again no  explanation.

But this article is not about them. They probably need a book written on them...

Another classic example is the very famous  American chat show hostess OPRAH WINFREY. She was abused, molested, raped and got pregnant at age 14, an age where you don't even know what rape meant. In all probability her life would have been over even before it took off but for a never say die spirit  and yes a second chance to undo all that happened and push her way thorough hard. Rest is history! For a black woman to succeed the way she has in a white world is stuff dreams are made of. Maybe she could be running for the Presidential seat next year.
Another see-saw story that comes to mind is about the greatest superstar India has ever seen. The mega star Amitabh Bachan who had a successful career which was beyond imagination. Suddenly he saw a lull in his innings which went on to become a no show, so much so that he was under tremendous stress and pressure due to debts which continued to mount. A story goes that he put aside his superstar ego and one fine morning went walking to a producers home and after introducing himself as an out of work actor asked for some work. That was it! There was no looking back and he bounced back like never before... bigger and even more larger than life.  That's the power of second chances.

There are opportunities at forgiveness which frees us from unwanted mental baggage, at love which is possible at any age or a chance to convert our unfulfilled desires and aspirations. Success mostly comes to those who are willing to take risks. 

Not all opportunities fall into your lap, some you have to go looking for while others you have to actually fight for. If at any stage you are chosen to be someone's second chance or can give them that opportunity, then  you are truly blessed. Not everyone gets to turn around a life just like that.

It's not that only the rich and famous that get second chances, it's given to most of us but gets lost because we are not famous enough or sometimes we fail to recognise it, are unsure or ignore it and there it goes. Another opportunity lost!

Rewinding time is not possible, but ‘do-overs’ are, sometimes we get another chance to do something right the second time that we got wrong the first time. So don't screw it up please and sometimes you also get a second chance because you were not quite ready the first time. Whatever it is, seize it, use it and then sit back and enjoy.