Nirvana takes a walk down the memory lane


A very popular saying goes "A walk does the memory lane is all it takes to appreciate where you are today.” And this coming April when Group B of Nirvana is set to complete its 3rd season, the group retraces its journey with pride and satisfaction.

Around 4 years ago, Nirvana was conceived by founder Sanjay Rohida with the intention of promoting singing to live orchestra among music lovers in Powai, till then such a concept was unheard of in Powai. There were karaoke groups and other jamming groups but none performing to live music. Recalling the initial days, Sanjayji reminisces how people would react and foresee the non-take off Nirvana. But with able support of his wife Nupur Rohida and a few friends, the first program was held with 11 members which  saw the membership leap to 20 and to accommodate many other music lovers, Group B was formed.

The first year saw selected members singing with reputed singers at Nahar auditorium motivated to the other members who knew that their hard work and consistency would be rewarded and hence started put in more efforts. Supriya Dalela, a Nahar resident and staunch Nirvana member quips, “I had learnt classical music in my childhood but never performed on a stage after my college." She credits the memorable time to her supportive music lover friends and Sanjayji for the opportunity.


Member Pradeep Puri, resident of Hiranandani says "My association with Nirvana group has been almost 1.5 years old and I must say I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of this musical journey. I look up to the soul stirring melodious voices in admiration which will remain with me lifelong and fresh.” Lake Homes resident and member Vishaka Saneja traces her journey in following words, “It’s been a beautiful journey with Nirvana since 2016. Sanjayji gave me an opportunity to sing and host. Nirvana is not only an amateur singers group but a different approach to showcase your talents ".

The above narrations showcase the beautiful camaraderie formed amongst the members strengthened by love for music. That the group is gaining repute is evident from the invites it receives to perform at various events across city and with singers being invited to perform at professional programs.


If you wish to be a part of this beautiful journey and want to treat your ears to some soulful melodies, be sure to be present on 3rd March at Lake Homes Banquet Hall. The month of March when world across Women’s day is celebrated, Group A pays a tribute to the beautiful actresses of Hindi Film Industry-Madhubala, Waheeda Rehman, Kajol and Rani famous for their acting and looks.

For membership and other enquiries, contact Group Co-Ordinator- Rajitha Khan at 9833743015.

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