On - Friendships

Pellentesque erat arcu

college reunions  are an annual event.-a group of 7 of us started this about a decade ago. After days of hysterical laughter and reminiscing we part ways with tearful goodbye. On the way home it suddenly struck me that the 7 of us must be the longest surviving group known to us(who else!). We have been  together for 30 odd years.  

What makes such friendships so special  that we continue to hold on to them literally for dear life? Somehow it's only some friends we hold onto, because in the journey called life we come across hundreds of people right from school, college and then work place as we broaden our horizons, yet there are some special  friends who remain constant like rocks in our lives. Personally speaking  we are a core group of 7 who stick to each other like glue. In spite of distance and different time zones each one of us is as similar as chalk and cheese and yet that does not stand in the way of our madness. 

All of us have seen each other through college and the ruckus that goes with it. We have cried over lost crushes, been agony aunts, partners in crime, and all that goes with teenage years. Stood up for each other, lied to our parents for a night out, had sleep-overs where joys, sorrows and issues were celebrated, shared  and sorted out.

There was a phase when  we  even lost  contact with each other but never gave up, those were the days where  social media was not even dreamt of. Somehow persistence paid off and we connected slowly but surely, it was like nothing has changed. In fact we came to realise that we only grew older chronologically, everything else remained the same. Of course  we all went  through the usual growing up, marriage, kids, issues, some big and some not so small either which was expected but all else remained the same, the spark of madness was still alive. 

Each one of us contributes to this friendship in a different way, while two of us are quiet listeners (advisers) and control the other wild ones if things get out of hand. The other two are the ‘mad-caps’ (entertainers and the crazy ones). There is yet another, who was a lost soul then and is more lost than ever (if that's even possible) even now. The remaining do the balancing act.. they fluctuate between wild and sober as per the  demand of the situation. On the face of it, we are so different that no one would believe we are besties but I guess that's exactly what makes such friendships so special. You just complement each other.

We are all spread out over the globe yet we connect over Skype and messenger group calls and once a year reunions which we live for. There are some close friendships which organically fade away as if they were just not meant to be. Nothing went wrong it's like you just drifted apart and then the bond was maybe never that strong that you felt the need to make an effort to look for her/ him.

Friendships found at school, colleges work place and gyms are common but sometimes lifelong buddies are found  in hospital waiting rooms, long distance travels and sometimes even a phone number dialled by mistake. Sometimes an ex’s cousin can also be your bff.

Friends are of various kinds as we all know, for a reason, a season and  very few go beyond time, place or any kind of binding. It's a FOREVER  kind of deep friendship that lasts forever and ever, no matter how often you meet or don't, are in touch or not. Once you pick-up the phone or meet after ages it's like it was only yesterday.

Then there is a special friendship which translates into soul mates. And no, it's not romantically inclined, it's like unfinished business  from the past you have with that special friend, who is closer to you than family. Not everyone is blessed but if you even have one such friend you consider yourself to be the luckiest person.

Psychologists and studies all over the world have emphasised on the importance of friends and the effects of spending quality time with buddies which we know anyway. 

So whoever said that birds of feather flock... definitely did not consider friends in that category coz we all know that like repels and opposites attract.