Kids Fair-cum-Yard sale

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Conceptualised & Executed by Prerna Agarwal

Blue Haven Society, Raheja Vihar, organized a ‘Kids Fair cum Yard Sale’ on 20th January. The focus of the event was to convey certain messages to the kids in a fun manner.  

Yard Sale / Garage Sale as a concept teaches children to value whatever they have, either by donating, sharing, trading or selling the stuff that no longer hold their interest. While it is common in western countries, it still has to break the barrier of inhibition that we hold in our country relating to the used stuff. Although, we do donate things regularly, kids generally take it as giving away stuff that no longer holds any value or are in bad shape.

In-spite of the concept being new, response was overwhelming both from the adults/kids who put up the stalls and also from residents who turned up in large numbers to encourage kids. The theme revolved around the three Rs –Reduce, Re-use and Recycle. It was for the kids, by the kids and of the kids. Along with stalls of used items, there were stalls of games and food also. Various activities such as story-telling, making bags from old newspapers, cooking studio for kids, bolly-fit dance, etc. were equally enjoyed by adults and kids.

It was also open for kids of all other societies. Blue Haven Society have pioneered in this area and have set an example for other societies. It is time we motivate and prepare our little soldiers for a “Greener Tomorrow”.