Common Hair concerns

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We Indians are known across the world for beautiful lustrous hair, our hair has greater elasticity and grows faster than other races. Hair is made of protein called keratin which has high sulphur which is responsible for higher tensile strength. Each hair has three layers, inner most is present in large thick hair; middle layer is responsible for strength color and texture of hair and the outer cuticle layer acts as a protector layer for the hair.

Common hair concerns we all face Dandruff is one of the most common problems it is old dead skin cells falling off. Mild forms usually go unnoticed generally this starts at the onset of adolescence and can continue till adulthood. It can be intensely itchy with flaky scalp which could be oily or dry.

Hair fall: A very common problem we all face sometime in our lives the causes could be many most commonly hair fall is related to dietary deficiencies and illness like typhoid, dengue, viral fever or malaria. Any immune compromising conditions or metabolic disorders can also lead to severe hair fall. Male and female pattern baldness is generally due to nutritional and or hormonal issues and need to be addressed after detailed investigations these would generally start with hair thinning. Hair fall is also common after pregnancy.

Dry and frizzy hair; Environmental exposure in form physical chemical or mechanical damage lead to intense dry and rough hair. Prevention and protections is the key to hair restoration. Informed guidance and choice of products can be crucial in managing hair weathering.

Common treatments for hair concerns: Examination and investigation are the key to resolve specific hair concerns, medicated products are required for scalp problems. Hair fall or thinning can be resolved with hair therapies like mesotherapy and Platelet rich plasma therapy by a qualified dermatologist. In severe cases of baldness surgery is one of the options. Nutritional replacement through diet, lifestyle changes and suitable product use are crucial for sustained efficacious results.

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