On - Resolutions

Pellentesque erat arcu

Stepping into a brand new year always puts me in a great mood. It's a year full of new opportunities and discoveries and we always wonder how it will unfold for us. With this enthusiastic thought I started brain storming on what I should write on to begin the year with a bang. One great thought after another was pondered upon, dissected and yet nothing seemed quite ok. I then took a resolution to try and bank at least 2 articles in advance so that I avoid panic mode at the last moment. Even as  the thought entered my mind it evaporated immediately because it was the same promise I make to myself every year and fail miserably at it, but guess what, I had a brand new topic to write about - RESOLUTIONS( the long and short of it).

Resolutions have a different meaning for everyone. The formal dictionary defines it as a firm decision to do or not to do something but for us commoners it is a vow taken to be broken regardless of anything, a firm rule that almost all of us follow barring one or two strange ones who actually manage to hang on till the next year. Weight loss, travelling, giving up or including certain foods and/or drinks, bingeing, adding to your reading list, getting fit,  ticking off a bucket list, learning a new hobby, scaling a peak, swimming with the sharks and so on and so forth.

So this is the scene during the last week of the year, say for example one wants to give up bingeing, could be on food or drinks. We will eat drink and eat and repeat till we fall sick because of an illusion that it's all going to stop on Jan 1.

That's exactly what it is, a big fat 'ILLUSION'! So a brand new year begins, we wake up all charged up, join a gym or a weight loss program (or both) much to the amusement of the family and friends who know it all. Gym clothes and fitness wear is bought online and a bomb is spent on gearing up(much to annoyance of certain sensible people of the family who can see through it all). 
The house is got rid of all junk food and strict dos and  don'ts are put up. Fridge is cleaned up and all family members go on a forced diet (only because there can't be temptations in the house).But guess what? The family does not mind at all, in fact are very amused and bets and side bets are placed on the duration of the so called fad diet, and when you will buckle and  give in. It's like Déjà Vu( been there done that). 

A week or two goes by happily and enthusiasm is at its peak, regular gymming and dieting is on and suddenly the neighbours niece is getting married and she lands up with an invite and you have to attend a couple of functions that revolve around drinking and eating. You are left cursing your luck and oscillating like a pendulum  between drooling at the thought of REAL FOOD and drowning in depression because you know what follows next and its final outcome. Sigh! The whole world is plotting against you and does not want you to lose weight. Family members are excitedly counting the moolah they have won at your cost. 

The loser curses you at being so predictable and swears off you totally. So there goes another year, another promise down the drain. This is a common scenario across most houses  but involving different resolutions (eating, drinking, reading, exercising, etc). 

On a serious note resolutions  can help us check and change certain habits and vices and inculcate new ones( there goes the seriousness!). My son all of 21, a huge fizzy drink fan randomly decided to give it up for a year, no one took him seriously but he stuck on (he had a reputation to maintain)and has very graciously finished 365 days.

Another friend's husband had health issues which could have turned for the worse if not checked. Doctors had almost written him off along with his friends and family who labelled him as incorrigible. He decided to take matters in his own hands, underwent a complete lifestyle change and has stuck on with some great results.

In some cases which are very rare, resolutions can be truly fulfilling and sometimes act as wake up call for few. To sum it up, resolutions are great time pass and a source of entertainment and amusement if we do not attach too much importance to them.