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Oats have over a time become a health food that most turn to for a healthy, filling meal.
Here are a few quick recipes that can be used as either an option for breakfast or a one bowl meal.

The Egg & Oats Protein Bowl
3 tbsps. – roasted plain oats.
2 no. – Eggs.
2 tbsps. –sprouted moong
1 ½ tbsp. – chopped onion.
½ cup – mixed chopped vegetables (bell peppers, carrots, tomato)
1 – Green chilly chopped finely
2 – 4 leaves – curry leaves 
Few sprigs – fresh coriander and mint leaves, chopped finely.
Salt – per taste.
1 tsp. oil 

Grind the roasted oats to a powder.  In a pan, heat the oil and add chopped onions and green chilies and sauté for 2 minutes. Then add the mixed veggies and sauté until soft. Add the oats powder and ½ cup water and let the oats soften. To this add the sprouts and salt. And break 2 eggs in it and mix lightly. Let the eggs be cooked. Switch off the flame and add the freshly chopped coriander and mint. 
Enjoy a protein and fiber packed bowl of health!


Savoury Overnight Oats
2 tbsp. – roasted plain oats.
250 ml – buttermilk
2 tbsp. – coarsely ground boiled corn
1 tbsp. – shredded carrot
4 – 5 – fresh mint leaves
1 tsp. – sabja/ chia seeds
Salt and cumin powder – To taste.
Keep some of the veggies to put it on the top as a garnish in the morning.

Add the roasted oats in a bowl. Then add the corn and carrots and the chopped mint leaves. Add the sabja/chia seeds and seasonings, followed by the buttermilk. Store it in the refrigerator overnight.
In the morning add the toppings set aside. You can also add a one tablespoon of fresh cucumber and tomato along with 1 tbsp. of grated cheese.


Fruit Overnight Oats
2 tbsp. – roasted plain oats.
1/3 cup – fresh yoghurt.
2/3 cup – low fat milk.
1 tsp. – sabja/chia seeds.
1/3 cup – chopped banana/mango.
1/3 cup – fresh pomegranate.
2 – Dates, roughly chopped.
1 tsp. – honey (optional).
In a tall glass/mason jar, add all the ingredients, leaving some fruit to add on top. Store the container in the refrigerator overnight and enjoy delicious fruity goodness in the morning!


Crunchy Oats Toast
2 – 3 – Multigrain Bread slices.
½ cup – roasted oats, coarsely ground.
½ cup – curd.
1 big – onion, finely chopped.
½ cup – green capsicum, bell peppers and tomatoes, finely chopped.
2 tbsp. – grated cheese.
Few sprigs – fresh coriander, chopped.
Salt, turmeric and red chili powder – to taste.
Ghee/olive oil – to roast.

In a bowl, mix all the above ingredients except bread slices and oil to a paste like consistency. On the multigrain bread slice, spread this mix evenly on both the side. Heat a non-stick girdle. Add ½ tsp. of ghee/olive oil on the girdle and place the multigrain bread, on the pan. Roast both sides till well done.

You can apply the mix on one side of the multigrain bread and serve it as an open toast as well. Curd can be substituted with eggs and it can become a twist to the Indian French toast.

Incorporate these recipes for a healthy breakfast, snack or meal. Get cooking!!

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